Bob Saget’s Pals Had A ‘Punk Rock Shiva’ After His ‘Fancy Funeral’ With Dave Chapelle, John Mayer, What Looks To Be The Olsen Twins And More

Ever since Full House vet and stand-up comedian Bob Saget died on January 9, the Internet has been filled to the brim with hilarious and good-natured stories about his life and steady entertainment career. Saget-centered celebrating was at the heart of a post-funeral get-together at the legendary Comedy Store in Los Angeles that followed the tear-filled funeral, with Jeff Ross having hosted the first of two star-studded shindigs in the late comic’s honor that included such names as Dave Chappelle, John Mayer and what appeared to be Mary-Kate Olsen and possibly her twin sister Ashley.

It’s a shame that such a sad event had to happen to bring this group of comedy-lovers together in such a way, but the “punk rock shiva” teased in the images below certainly seemed like as enjoyable a silver lining as possible. (And it was for a good cause, too, as donations were given to the Scleroderma Research Foundation that Bob Saget has long been involved with.) Check out Jeff Ross’ Instagram pics below, with the fifth one possibly highlighting the aforementioned Olsen twins, who’d shared a public statement following Saget’s passing.

As shown in the images, funeral-goer Dave Chappelle and John Mayer were far from the only marquee names on hand to celebrate Bob Saget’s legacy via the quasi-shiva. Marc Maron and Seth Green were part of the fun, as were Saget’s Full and Fuller House co-stars Jodie Sweetin and John Stamos, both of whom have shared their own mournful memories and raunchy eulogies in the aftermath. 

As well, what appeared to be the Olsen twins were dancing in one pic along with Aubrey and Lara Saget, daughters of the late comedian. The siblings were on hand for Saget's funeral, so even though they're pretty private about their personal lives, it only makes sense that they would be around to celebrate their TV dad with some of his best friends in the comedy biz. One can only assume that Norm Macdonald was hanging around in spirit. 

While it isn't clear whether or not Candace Cameron-Bure was on hand for the occasion in person, she definitely shared a few hearts beneath Jeff Ross' post. Meanwhile, Jodie Sweetin also shared some love while announcing she would not be present for the second night. Speaking of...

Another night of fun memories went down on Sunday, January 30, with other stars such as Jim Carrey and musician Jackson Browne joining Jeff Ross, John Stamos and others, according to TMZ. Check out Carrey giving his signature wide smile in the shot below:

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