Candace Cameron Bure Made The Best Bob Saget Shirt And Wore It To Reminisce With Uncle Joey

In the days following Bob Saget’s unexpected death at age 65, his family, his friends and his myriad Hollywood acquaintances have all fondly remembered various encounters with the Full House and AFHV star and been supportive in the wake of the news. Chief amongst those reaching out was his sitcom family, which included such notable names as John Stamos, Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, and Jodie Sweetin, among others. Bure in particular has avidly fought to remember the good moments with her co-star, and that continued today with a special post about a shirt she made in her on-screen dad’s honor. And it’s one you very well may be able to own yourself.

Featuring a special guest appearance from Full and Fuller House actor Dave Coulier, AKA Uncle Joey, Candace Cameron Bure’s recent post talked about how the week has been “one of the hardest” of the actress’ life thus far. However, Bure and her co-stars have also seen the good in getting to spend time with one another while remembering Bob Saget this week. And, of course, Bure made a very special clothing item to immortalize Bob Saget’s hugs. 

If you happened to miss Mr. Saget’s epic hugging over the years, his co-star certainly didn’t. Candace Cameron Bure shared an absolute slew of emotional moments from her memories and times spent working with her TV dad over the years. Make no bones about it, the man was a hugger and a lot of those hugs were caught on camera. 

Now that we’ve established Bob Saget loved embracing his co-stars, Candace Cameron Bure opted to share the sweatshirt she’d made with her followers on Instagram, which reads “Love like Jesus, Hug Like Bob Saget.” The yellow font on the latter half of the sweatshirt reminds me of the OG Full House logo, so it seems like the look was well thought out. At the time of this writing, a lot of Bure’s other followers were excited about the look too, to the point she created an update on the post about fans being able to potentially buy the look coming up... for a good cause.  

UPDATE: We are working to have this sweatshirt available for sale with 100% of the proceeds benefitting SRF org. Keep you posted!!!

The Scleroderma Research Foundation is a nonprofit that was near and dear to Bob Saget’s heart. The actor had a sister who preceded him in death, Gay. Gay Saget died back in 1994 at the age of 47 from a rare illness called scleroderma. Saget had been open about not feeling as if there was enough awareness around the disease to get his sister diagnosed. He later joined the board of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, helping to raise millions of dollars to increase awareness and research into the disease. 

The research foundation also recently announced a $1.5 million grant to match every dollar donated in Bob Saget’s memory. That grant was made possible by "SRF board members, philanthropists, and friends of Saget, Dr. Luke Evnin and Deann Wright," per an announcement from the foundation. 

A lot of celebs are seemingly already on board to land a sweatshirt if they become available. Leanne Rimes mentioned, “Love the shirt. Massive hug sent your way." The Hallmark star's network co-worker Nikki DeLoach also responded to the post, noting, "Beautiful. Been sending up prayers everyday." The Office star BJ Novak may have even gotten the creative juices flowing about the shirt, as he asked, "Can I order one?"

So, with sweatshirts on the way, I'm sure we'll get more emotional moments regarding Bob Saget and his hugging skills in the coming days. Not a bad way to be remembered, at all. 

Jessica Rawden
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