Ryan Reynolds Reveals The ‘Sage’ Advice He Got From Frenemy Hugh Jackman Before Starting Work On Spirited

From left to right: Ryan Reynolds smiling and Hugh Jackman throwing a hang loose sign in the Deadpool 3 announcement video.
(Image credit: Ryan Reynolds YouTube video)

Few celebrity rivalries are quite as entertaining as the “feud” between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. If you don’t know the history of the Jackman and Reynolds’ faux rivalry, they met on the set of the abysmally reviewed X-Men Origins: Wolverine and have been ribbing each other publicly and privately ever since. Though in a new interview, Reynolds revealed the “sage” advice his frenemy gave him while he was preparing for his role in the Christmas musical Spirited.  

For the upcoming movie, the Deadpool actor had to sing and perform some dance routines, which is a bit of a change for him, and he even said in the past that he found the prospect of such performances nerve-wracking Luckily for him, he knows seasoned song and dance man in the from of Hugh Jackman. While speaking to People, Ryan Reynolds explained that his faux enemy put him at ease by telling him to enjoy the experience:

He [Jackman] said to make sure that you are enjoying it because if you enjoy it, we’ll enjoy it. And I thought that that was actually quite sage. It was very wise.

This brilliant advice from The Greatest Showman actor should come as no surprise. The Wolverine icon has been performing on the stage and screen in musicals since the mid-90s. He even won a Tony Award for best actor in a musical in 2004 for his Broadway performance in The Boy from Oz

Spirited stars Ryan Reynolds as a miserly man who treats everyone around him with terrible selfishness. He soon finds himself on a whimsical adventure into the three phases of time: past, present, and future. Sound familiar? It should be because it’s the latest adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Where the upcoming film ranks amongst the many adaptations of A Christmas Carol is still to be determined. However, the movie has been screened, and you can see what critics seemed mixed on the holiday movie. What sets this newest iteration of the Charles Dickens classic apart from the others is that this Apple TV+ release sees the Proposal alum alongside legendary comedy star and Elf alum Will Farrell. If he took his buddy Jackman’s advice and enjoyed himself, perhaps we will have another modern yuletide classic in our holiday movie viewing rotation. 

As for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s “rivalry,” the Free Guy actor confirmed their iconic X-Men superhero alter egos will team up for the upcoming Marvel movie Deadpool 3. Here’s hoping their adorable “frenemy shtick” is a significant aspect of the third outing in the fourth-wall-breaking series. And we'll also see if Reynolds incorporates some of singing and dancing abilities as well. 

Spirited heads to streaming on November 18th. All you need to see if Reynolds took Jackman’s sage advice to heart is an Apple TV+ subscription. If you’re looking to plan your holiday movie-going experience make sure to check our list of 2022 new movie releases

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