Selling Sunset's Season 4 Trailer Is Messy Fun, And I Have Questions

Selling Sunset has been on a too-long hiatus since Season 3, which premiered on Netflix in August of 2020. Christine Quinn had her dream goth Barbie wedding and Chrishell Stause had gotten that infamous divorce text not long before from then-husband/This Is Us star Justin Hartley. And, unsurprisingly, all has changed since. The Season 4 trailer finally dropped, full of sensational complications, and I have so many questions.

You can check out the trailer above but, essentially, Selling Sunset’s fourth season looks a hot mess. Old faces are gone, new people are tapping in, and considering all the new developments in the past year, the dynamic is no longer a given. There’s a lot to speculate about before the Netflix show returns later this month, but we’ll stick to just three for now.

How Will They Tackle Chrishell Stause And Jason Oppenheim’s Relationship?

Here are the most pressing facts: 1) Chrishell Stause is dating her boss, Jason Oppenheim, one of the twins. 2) Per People, Netflix locked down Jason Oppenheim to lead a spinoff, called Selling the OC, with a new office in Newport Beach. 3) Both are seen in the flagship show’s trailer. If the two are open about their relationship around the office, then I can only assume that will engender accusations of favoritism by the other women (which has happened in the past concerning Oppenheim and co-star/coworker/ex Mary Fitzgerald). The suspicion is that Oppenheim might’ve been edged out of Selling Sunset for ethical reasons. Which leads to even more questions: will Oppenheim eventually film only for his spinoff? Will Stause pull double duty on both iterations, considering how documenting the cast’s relationships is a major part of the storylines? Or will they dare to not even address it at all?

Davina ­Potratz: Gone But Not Gone?

Series alum Davina Potratz had announced last year, via People, that she was leaving the Oppenheim Group for a different realtor group. She claimed that there was no bad blood and that she still hoped to be a part of Netflix series in some capacity. In the juicy new trailer, she does indeed make an appearance, but in what capacity exactly? She can't sell Sunset for them when she's no longer part of the company, so that only leaves that she is in on the personal drama still, possibly as just a friend of the show. If that's the case, at least we'll have someone to still ask Chrishell Stause tough questions when Christine Quinn is busy.

Will The New Castmates Shake Things Up?

Two women have been added to the Season 4 Selling Sunset cast: Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela. And judging by the trailer, one of them already has history with Christine Quinn – and, yikes. (I wouldn't want to catch that side of the drama.) However, with Quinn's ally Davina Potratz gone (maybe) and drama with new co-stars on the horizon, Quinn might just be an outlier in the group nowadays. In which case, Season 4 might be a totally different show than fans have seen in the past.

Suffice to say, the drama is nigh and fans will finally get some answers to some long-awaited questions. At least, we hope. To find out, check out Season 4 of Selling Sunset when it premieres on Netflix on November 24.

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