Sex Education Season 3 Ending Explained: 5 Major Cliffhangers and Reveals From The Finale

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Fans of the Netflix hit Sex Education know that the fun, teen (sex) comedy never lets us down when it comes to exploring the romantic twists and turns of its randy characters. Now that Season 3 has premiered, we’re all aware that the new set of episodes are no different. Even though Eric, Maeve, Otis, and the rest of the gang made some serious strides toward growth, opening up, and being a lot better about communicating their needs, they also made a lot of missteps which led to some surprising developments. So, now that you’ve had a chance to absorb all of the latest drama, let’s take a look at the biggest reveals in the Sex Education Season 3 ending!

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Moordale Secondary School Has Been Sold!

Not everything on Sex Education is about the birds and the bees, and this season saw some big changes at Moordale Secondary School. After Mr. Groff’s ousting last season, Hope Haddon was appointed the new headmistress and got right down to business... screwing everything up in an attempt to rid the institution of its “sex school” nickname. It soon became clear that Hope’s desire to turn things around at Moordale (and dismissiveness toward nonbinary students like Cal) were going to cloud her judgment, and her increasingly harsh tactics drove the entire student body to rebel in a very public manner. 

But, their actions and the media coverage surrounding them led all of the school’s investors to immediately pull out, meaning that the school has to be sold to developers, and the juniors and seniors have to find another school by the end of the term. Ouch!

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Eric Broke Up With Adam!

This one really came as a big surprise. We all know that Adam made his love for Eric known to everyone by interrupting Lily’s play and announcing it on stage, and by the beginning of Season 3 they appear to be a totally happy couple (even without Adam telling his mom that he and Eric are more than friends). Eric seemed to be just as happy as Adam, but did begin to notice his new boyfriend’s desire to keep most touchy feely moments behind closed doors.

When Eric and his family take a family trip to Nigeria, he’s encouraged to hide once again, but once he finds someone who knows where he can be his full, authentic self, Eric has a bit of a makeout session with him, and cheats on Adam. Eric eventually comes clean to a very sad Adam, and broke up with him by saying “I'm ready to fly, and you're just learning to walk...I'm beginning to lose who I am.”

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Maeve Left For The United States!

Maeve really had quite the season on Sex Education. She and Otis were on the outs for much of it, as she grew even closer to Isaac, who eventually got his wish and became her boyfriend. Maeve also had a brief falling out with Aimee, and saw lots of her little sister at her foster mom’s home, going to live with them before the season’s end. But, Maeve and Otis did come to terms with their feelings for each other after Isaac admitted to listening to and then deleting Otis’ Season 2 voicemail to her. They kissed, and Maeve had to fess up to Isaac when he realized Otis was no longer persona non grata.

This led to yet another breakup in Season 3, but the bigger news was Maeve getting an extraordinary shot to further her education by studying in the United States. There were several obstacles in Maeve’s way, but once her mom gave her the needed cash for the trip, and Aimee convinced her to go despite reconciling with Otis, she was ready to leave. They said a tearful goodbye, and Maeve noted that they’d “have to see where they’re at when I’m back,” so there’s no telling what that will mean for their romance in Season 4.

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Jackson And Cal Decided To Just Be Friends!

Cal might be new to Moordale, but they have no problem standing up for themselves when the going gets tough with Hope. That’s probably helped along by the fast friendship they strike up with Jackson, who’s finally in a good place after getting beyond all of the stress of seasons past. Jackson is new to interacting with someone who’s nonbinary, so while he and Cal bond, joke around, get high together, and begin fooling around, he continues to slip up and use gendered words for Cal. 

The two are genuinely attracted to each other, though, and Cal tries to give Jackson the time needed to get used to dating someone who’s nonbinary. However, after things get real awkward during a makeout session, Cal tells Jackson that they can’t “carry” him when it comes to adjusting to their nonbinary identity, and that they should just go back to being friends.

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Jean Might Not Have Had Jakob’s Baby!

Well, this one was a doozy! When Jean found out she was pregnant at the end of Season 2, it was a shocker, and she spent months not making her ex-boyfriend aware of the fact that she was having a baby. After telling Jakob, they went back and forth trying to figure out the best way to co-parent, eventually landing on him and Ola moving in with Jean and Otis. 

This did not go well, but they seemed to be on more solid ground by the time Jean gave birth. That is likely to change big time in Season 4, though, as Jean found out something truly surprising shortly after her daughter, Joy, was born. With the results of the paternity test Jakob asked for in hand...Jean at least reacts as though he’s not the father! Could her ex-husband, Remi, be the dad? Or her former lover, Dan, who very randomly popped up after not being seen since Season 1? Time will tell!

After all of the reveals, breakups, makeups, and more that were seen in Sex Education Season 3, I can bet that you’re all just as eager as I am to set your eyes on Season 4. The wait will feel long, but at least we have the rest of the Netflix TV premiere dates to keep us busy for a while!

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