The Best Gift Ideas For Bridgerton Fans

Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton
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One of Netflix’s biggest shows finally came back in 2022 – that’s right, I’m talking about Bridgerton. The popular television series that tells the story of the Bridgerton family and their quests for love came back and arguably delivered an even better season than the first, this time following the love story of Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton. 

But now we are painfully waiting for Bridgerton Season 3, but as we do, we can at least look to the internet to find some of the best gifts out there that money can buy for the fan in your life – or you just might want some of these for yourself. 

Here are some of the best Bridgerton gifts that you can buy right now, in a variety of different places.  

The Anthony Bridgerton-themed candle on Etsy.

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This Candle That “Apparently” Smells Like Anthony Bridgerton

Because the first thing you think of when you think of your fictional crush is, “I wonder what they smell like?” Well, thankfully this candle just might answer your burning question – I almost want to buy it to see exactly what he smells like but there’s a time and a place – maybe when Season 3 comes back around when he and Kate show up again. 

Buy this Anthony Bridgerton candle on Etsy.

The Lady Whistledown papers mug on Etsy.

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“Spill The Tea” Lady Whistledown Mug

I mean, arguably, one of the biggest characters in Bridgerton is Lady Whistledown. And while her identity was revealed at the end of the first season, it doesn’t mean that we still can’t enjoy the delicious drama that she constantly delivers. Why not drink some of your favorite tea from this "Spill the Tea" Lady Whistledown mug? Goodness, that’s tea-ception. 

Buy the “Spill the Tea” Lady Whistledown mug on Etsy.

A sample of the books in the series by Julia Quinn.

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The Bridgerton Book Series

If you don’t know at this point, Bridgerton is actually based on a bestselling book series by Julia Quinn, where each story features a different love story from the iconic family that we all know and love today. These Regency romance novels are not only filled with a bunch of those spicy scenes, but plenty of great storytelling that I’m sure will get told in the Netflix series soon enough. 

Buy the Bridgerton Book Series on Amazon.

The unofficial Bridgerton coloring book.

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This Bridgerton Coloring Book

Because the first thing you think of when it comes to a hit Netflix series is coloring books, right? Jokes aside, this adult coloring book is perfect for fans of the series to enjoy. Color in these illustrations inspired by the Netflix TV show and create your own fantastical Bridgerton world. 

Buy the Unofficial Bridgerton Coloring Book on Amazon.

Kate and Anthony featured on the front of the 2023 Bridgerton Calendar on Barnes and Noble.

(Image credit: Barnes & Noble)

This Bridgerton Themed Calendar For 2023

If you didn’t already have enough Bridgerton when it came to paper products, be sure to buy this themed calendar, featuring many of the characters from Season 2 to get you ready for 2023 – when the next season be out, and I’m praying we get an official release date soon. 

Buy this Bridgerton themed calendar at Barnes and Noble.

White satin gloves that you can buy on Amazon.

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Elbow Length White Satin Gloves

Why not embrace your inner Daphne Basset and wear these fancy-schmancy gloves to your next big party? You’ll be the belle of the ball and everyone’s eyes will feast upon you in your fancy clothes while your hands are adorned with this fashionable item. 

Buy the White Satin Gloves on Amazon.

The eyeshadow x Bridgerton palette featured on Pat McGrath's website.

(Image credit: Pat McGrath)

This Eyeshadow Palette So You Can Look Your Best At The Holiday Balls

No matter what, everyone wants to look good, and if you have those satin gloves, you need to make your face match – that’s why using this Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette that was a collaboration with Bridgerton is your best bet, giving you six very pigmented shades to get your best look on for all the holiday parties coming up. 

Buy the Pat McGrath x Bridgerton eyeshadow palette on Pat

The hair products featuring Bridgerton on Kitsch.

(Image credit: Kitsch)

These Bridgerton Themed Hair Products To Make Your Hair Silky Smooth

You have the gloves, you got the make up – let’s focus on the hair! Over at Kitsch, their website features several Bridgerton themed hair products that are meant to keep your hair silky smooth, from silk pillowcases to silk scrunchies – and in this case, you get everything in the set to not only make sure your hair is happy, but you’re happy for supporting your favorite show. Or you can check out their singular options as well. Plenty of great stuff on their site.

Buy these Kitsch x Bridgerton hair products on

This sweatshirt saying the Duchess of Hastings on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

This Duchess Of Hastings Sweatshirt To Remind You Of Your Man

Rege-Jean Page really brought the Duke of Hastings to life in Bridgerton, so it’s not surprising that everyone sort of wants to be his duchess. This shirt will remind you of just how lucky you are (in your head) to be the Duchess of Hastings and the bride of Simon. 

Buy this Duchess of Hastings Sweatshirt on Etsy.

The Bridgerton-themed murder mystery on Masters of Mystery.

(Image credit: Masters of Mystery)

Solve An Amazing Scandal With This Bridgerton-Themed Murder Mystery

Bridgerton is known for its scandals, and while there haven’t been any murders in the show, that doesn’t mean a murder isn’t a scandal! If you want a fun game that also has your favorite Bridgerton-theme, check out this murder mystery game that is centered around the theme of the show and Jane Austen novels.

Buy this Bridgerton-themed Murder Mystery on Masters of Mystery.

Daphne and Simon in the print for Bridgerton on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

An Amazing Art Print Of Simon And Daphne 

Out of everything on this list, I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. Daphne and Simon, while a bit of a mess at first, had a genuine love story that turned into something sweet, and one of their cutest moments was their near-hand touch when they were pretending, which showed their chemistry. This art of their hands almost touching is perfect for fans of Bridgerton, but is also just a great piece to have around the house in general that anyone could enjoy, from its simplicity and beautiful design. 

Buy this Daphne and Simon Art on Etsy.

Anthony and Kate holding hands in Bridgerton.

(Image credit: Etsy)

And This Beautiful Art Piece Of Anthony And Kate’s Hands Together

I had to include this if I did the Daphne and Simon one. From the same seller on Etsy, you can get a really beautiful print of both Anthony and Kate holding hands from Season 2 of Bridgerton. At the end of this show, you’re going to have one heck of a collection – but we wouldn’t want it any other way, now would we? This art is just too much to pass up.

Buy this Anthony and Kate Art on Etsy.

An English tea set you can buy on Amazon.

(Image credit: Amazon)

A Tea Set To Sip Tea While Discussing Lady Whistledown’s Tea

If you’re going to be listening to Lady Whistledown’s tea, you need a tea set to do so. I know I already put a mug on this list but this is for all the tea, and while it's not directly connected to Bridgerton, it may be a great gift for a fan of the series. Coming in three different colors, there are plenty of options for you to pick from if you’re craving the ability to make your own tea and spill some at the same time. 

Buy this English Tea Set on Amazon.

The Bridgerton teas featured on the Netflix Shop.

(Image credit: Netflix Shop)

This Set Of Delectable Teas To Drink

I mean obviously you need tea to drink tea and spill the tea…you get me?

In the Netflix Shop, there’s a whole collection of Bridgerton inspired teas for you to steep as you sit and discuss the latest gossip with your friend. There are twenty-four tea bags sampled in there for you to enjoy. Drink away!

Buy this set of teas from the Netflix Shop.

The replica of the society papers on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

This Replica Of Lady Whistledown’s Papers

Now this is a cool find. Lastly, we have this awesome replica of Lady Whistledown’s official newsletter papers. As someone who collects replicas, from some of the best fantasy movies like Harry Potter, it’s always so cool to find an item that closely resembles something you love, and this is surely one of those. You could keep it in your nightstand, on your desk, frame it, or anything you want, but if you’re a fan, this is certainly the piece to get. 

Buy this replica of Lady Whistledown’s papers on Etsy.

While we all wait for the third season of the Regency romance, at least we have the ability to buy some great gifts not only for ourselves, but for the Bridgerton fans in our lives. 

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