The Morning Show Season 2 Ending Explained: How It Sets Up (A Potential) Season 3 

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Spoiler alert! This story discusses Season 2 of The Morning Show in detail, so proceed with caution if you haven’t watched all of the episodes.

The Morning Show Season 2 came to Apple TV+ with UBA still reeling from Alex (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley’s (Reese Witherspoon) on-air stand against the sexual harassment cover-up. While continuing to explore workplace dynamics, secret romances, and cancel culture, it also tackled the pandemic. The Morning Show Season 2 ending mirrored the uncertainty we all felt when COVID hit, and left a number of cliffhangers to explore if the series is renewed for Season 3. 

The all-star cast spent Season 2 of The Morning Show hurtling head-first toward a light at the end of the tunnel that turned out to be a COVID train. Just as in real life, the UBA staff knew it was coming but were woefully unprepared when it arrived. By the time the crew was sent home to work remotely, the characters had been on a roller coaster that included Bradley’s brother showing up to her office high, Alex leaving the country to try to keep her private life private, and the unexpected death of Mitch Kessler. Let’s unpack The Morning Show Season 2 ending and what it could mean for a potential Season 3.

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Alex Fights Rough COVID Battle After Exposing Her Co-Workers

Alex Levy’s ill-advised trip to Italy ended with her contracting COVID. Before her symptoms started, however, she was back in the UBA offices to tell Cory that she was quitting The Morning Show ahead of Maggie Brener’s book release, which revealed the truth about her relationship with Mitch. While Alex was able to procure a statement from Mitch saying they didn’t sleep together, she decided not to continue the lie in the wake of his death. 

When Alex began to suffer from the virus, her Morning Show co-workers were informed they’d been exposed, and Mia and Stella had to start figuring out how to produce the show remotely. What wasn’t known at the end of Season 2 was how many — if any — of the TMS staff caught COVID.

Chip Black produces Alex on The Morning Show.

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Chip Helps Alex Take Back Her Story

The most at-risk of catching COVID from Alex was Chip Black (Mark Duplass), who showed up at Alex’s doorstep with the crazy idea to broadcast her COVID battle on UBA+, their new streaming service. But, in order to produce the show, Chip lied to Alex, saying that he’d also tested positive for COVID, so it was okay for him to be there. Duplass spoke with ET about the direction Chip and Alex's turbulent relationship could take in Season 3. 

With two people who are as broken as these two and codependent on each other and as needy as they are, anything is on the table.

Chip and Alex had a tumultuous Season 2, with Chip, especially, wanting to hate Alex but not being able to find a way to live without her. His idea to broadcast Alex’s illness might have been genius, as it made Alex a sympathetic character to her audience (ahead of her assured canceling) and possibly saved both of their careers.

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Cory Professes His Love For Bradley

Bradley Jackson’s love life saw an uptick in Season 2, as she became involved in a secret (for a minute) romance with Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies), but in the finale, it was Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) confessing his love for the anchor. Crudup spoke with ET about the surprising and dramatic turn in Cory's feelings. 

Bradley is this restless outsider, somebody who is a disruptor and is passionate about the authenticity of her life, [and] I think it is intoxicating to Cory. And what you really want to do is take somebody who is so confident with themselves and destabilize them and see what happens.

Cory also tried to confess that he was the one who outed Bradley and Laura to the press, but Bradley didn’t want to hear it, saying she trusted him. While it seemed like Bradley and Laura were really moving forward, Cory could be an interesting obstacle in a possible Season 3 love triangle.

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Daniel Quits The Morning Show

After being ignored all season regarding COVID and ongoing racism at UBA, Daniel Henderson (Desean Terry) quit when Stella tried to force him to fill in for Alex and Bradley as anchor amid the COVID outbreak. Has Daniel finally reached the limit of what he’s willing to put up with on The Morning Show? Terry discussed Daniel’s future with Decider

I think there’s probably more for him to do at TMS, but I also feel that there’s…during COVID, I’ve changed. I don’t know about you, but COVID really created some personal reflection and I really do feel I am a better and clearer person because of it. So I think that if Daniel is back at UBA or he finds something else to do at TMS, I think that we will be looking at a man who has basically gotten rid of his shackles. Because he was so determined to make space at The Morning Show, so it would be very interesting to see what happens to him; how he evolves.

Season 2 ended with Mia Jordan trying to convince Daniel to come back, arguing that he was going to face the same issues at any job. If Season 3 includes Daniel putting his foot down and demanding respect from UBA for the opportunities they’ve promised — and that he’s earned — I’m here for it.

Bradley Jackson wanders the hospital looking for her brother on The Morning Show.

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Bradley Endangers An Entire Hospital To Find Her Brother

Bradley spent most of the Season 2 finale frantically trying to find her brother, Hal, who walked away from the rehab clinic Bradley had taken him to after he made a scene at her office. Bradley used her celebrity to learn her brother was in the hospital, and when she was unable to get answers in the overcrowded ER from an overwhelmed hospital staff, Bradley barged — unmasked — into a restricted area full of COVID patients to find Hal, who had not used but had gotten in a fight. She promised to not leave him, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out if there’s a Season 3.

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Paola Shows Mitch’s Interview To Cory

Mitch had promised to help Paola Lambruschini (Valeria Golino) get her foot in the door with UBA. Alex set up a meeting between her and Cory, where she showed the documentary she’d made from her tell-all interview with Mitch before his death. When Cory expressed interest in airing it, Paola said she wouldn’t, because Mitch hadn’t wanted anyone to see it. If The Morning Show returns for Season 3, it will be interesting to see if that interview is merely the catalyst for Paola to start her career, or if Cory finds a way to release the Mitch documentary. Something about Cory makes me think it would be the latter. 

The Morning Show hasn’t yet been picked up for Season 3 by Apple TV+, but there are plenty of directions the show could go in if that happens. Stay here for the latest news, and check out our list of Best Apple TV+ shows for more to watch in the meantime.

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