Sweet Magnolias Season 2: All The Relationship Statuses After The Finale

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Sweet Magnolias Season 2! Go grab yourself a fruity margarita until you’ve watched the entire season!

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Sweet Magnolias Season 2 really delivered exactly what a lot of fans have been dying for since the first season thrilled viewers back in 2020. We got to find out exactly who was in that infamous car accident with Kyle and saw that the impact of that night, overall, went way past those involved in the crash. And, as you probably expected, this means that a lot of personal relationships, including all of those complicated romances, changed a lot over the course of the season.

Seeing as how we went through the relationship statuses after the inaugural season, it only felt right to do the same as we bask in our post-Sweet Magnolias Season 2 ending glow, so be sure to read on!

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Helen And Erik… And Ryan

I don’t think there was a single Sweet Magnolias fan who was hoping for anyone other than chef Erik to walk away with Helen’s heart. He was there to comfort her on prom night after she and Ryan broke up. He was there when Helen unexpectedly lost her baby and didn’t bat an eyelash at either her being pregnant or deciding to undergo IVF treatments. And, it didn’t take long for Helen to see just how special Erik was and tell him that she wanted more than friendship. YAY!

But then, Ryan returned for his aunt’s funeral, and decided to surprise the hell out of Helen by saying he was now (somehow… finally… after more than two decades) ready for kids, and then got down on one knee and proposed! Ryan left Helen with the definition of a shocked look on her face in the final seconds of the finale, so we have no idea whether she’ll choose Ryan or Erik. Egad!

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Maddie And Cal

After a polarizing argument toward the end of Season 1, and Maddie’s dumb ex-husband, Bill, telling her he wanted her back, Maddie and Cal made up and got into getting it on a lot in Season 2. As their romance grew, Maddie was able to finally say she loved Cal, and his connection to her kids also got stronger. Cal began to open up about his past with a toxic woman named Victoria, but what he should have been telling Maddie about was his past with anger management problems.

We first get a real hint of this after Cal and his team lose the state championship, but when Mary Vaughn becomes determined to get back at him for not playing Jackson (and at Maddie for helping to get her mayor husband recalled), she digs up a troublesome incident from his pre-Serenity life and has Cal fired. This led to mounting anger on his part, and he ended up beating an out-of-control fan of his in Sullivan’s in front of nearly everyone, Maddie included. Will Maddie back out of the romance now that she’s seen Cal’s anger explode right in front of her? We shall see!

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Dana Sue And Ronnie

These two have ruined my dreams of seeing Dana Sue and Jeremy ride off into the sunset together in a classic car, you guys. I’m just… not over it, yet, OK? I knew there was going to be trouble for Jeremy when Ronnie showed up at the end of Season 1, and I was correct. After a few episodes of holding off Ronnie’s attempts to reconcile, Dana Sue was read the riot act by Annie after she caught her mama making out with the hot farmer in Sullivan’s office. This led to Dana Sue finally cutting Jeremy loose, and he was really bummed about it.

Luckily, that disappointment wasn’t in vain, as she and Ronnie started counseling with Pastor June and managed to begin to work out their many issues. In the finale, Dana Sue let Ronnie move back in, so it would seem that they are 100% married yet again. You’d better not screw this up, Ronnie!

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Ty And Annie

Surprisingly, this near romance was a complete non-starter in Season 2. Annie appeared to have fully gotten over her first season crush on Ty during the aftermath of the car crash, and started floating around Jackson. They began quietly hanging out, with him going so far as to eventually ask Dana Sue for permission to ask Annie on a real date, which she granted him. But, his mom’s desire to take down the Magnolias led to her telling him (and his sister) not to have anything to do with Ty, Kyle, or Annie. The finale saw Jackson make a clear decision to defy her wishes, and it seems like Annie is fully on board with that choice.

Meanwhile, things went in a very different direction for Ty. He continued to date CeCe, who was getting busier with her work for Helen and caring for her younger siblings, as Ty found himself a bit lost with a broken arm and no baseball to keep him busy. This led to him noticing just how much Annie was hanging out with his nemesis, Jackson, and showing Cece just how much he was into Annie. CeCe gave Ty the silent treatment for a while and then broke up with him, meaning that we could totally see Ty pining for Annie if Sweet Magnolias returns for Season 3.

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Kyle And Nellie

Mary Vaughn’s edict against the Magnolias also affected her daughter, Nellie, who was crushing so hard on Kyle in Season 1 that she jumped into that car with him and got really banged up in the crash. But, she didn’t blame him one bit, and continued to have feelings for him. As Kyle dealt with the guilt of that night, he forgot about his own crush (These kids, right?) on Annie, and realized that Nellie is a doll. Unfortunately, once he got up the nerve to ask her out, it didn’t take long for her mom to shut their plans down, and Nellie had to rescind her acceptance, though she did do it with a sweet kiss by the town’s “kissing tree.” Awww!

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Trotter And Ashley

While Trotter was around quite a lot in Season 1 (as Cal’s best buddy), we were only briefly introduced to his husband, Ashley. But, this season we got a lot more with Doctor Ashley, as he both began therapy sessions with Kyle to help him deal with his part in the car accident, and saw him interact with Trotter on a regular basis. Luckily, the couple’s doing well, deciding they were ready to begin the process of adopting a child. And, when Trotter told Ashley that he wanted to adopt an older kid, as opposed to a baby, his sweet hubby didn’t think twice about making the change. Say it again… Awwwww!

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Noreen… And Isaac?

You guys, is this actually going to be a thing if we get Season 3? When Noreen returned to support Kyle after the accident, who could have imagined that such a fast and true friendship would develop between her and Isaac? Could there be real romance coming? Whether there is or not, Isaac will (at some point) have to tell Noreen that he’s Bill’s son and a half-brother to her new daughter, and that will be an intriguing conversation if nothing else!

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Honorable Mention: Can We Please Find Someone For Farmer Jeremy?!?!

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not over the appalling lack of farmer Jeremy in Season 2, alright?! I get that Dana Sue was supposed to take Ronnie back (this happens in the books… fine, whatever), but did that have to mean that Chase Anderson’s Jeremy was suddenly persona non grata in every corner of Serenity? All I want is for that sweet, flirty man to find someone after being heartbroken by Dana Sue. May I suggest either Pastor June or Peggy fulfill this position in the Sweet Magnolias cast? I’m sure either (Or both!) of those ladies would love to trade suggestive comments about nectarines and tomatoes with him!

Sweet Magnolias hasn’t been renewed for Season 3 yet, but you can relive the glory of the first two seasons on Netflix right now. For more to watch, check out the list of upcoming romantic TV shows and the 2022 Netflix TV schedule

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