Wednesday: 6 Things I'd Love To See If There Is A Season 2

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday
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Wednesday has arrived on Netflix – and boy, did it break records. 

To be honest, I was not expecting Wednesday to do as fabulous as it did. While I was so excited for the show from the first trailer and when the Wednesday cast was announced, I was super eager to see what they did with this character but didn’t expect it to become the mega-hit that it is now, literally breaking records and becoming one of the biggest shows on Netflix. 

It seems like almost a guarantee that a Season 2 of the show is imminent, but it hasn’t been announced yet. However, since I’m pretty much expecting it at this point, as is everyone else who watched, There are a few things I hope to see in Wednesday Season 2. 

Wednesday and Enid standing next to each other in Wednesday.

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Less Love Triangles – More Female Friendships

Let’s talk about it, one of the fatal flaws of Wednesday – the love triangle. 

I’m always here for a good love-triangle. I watch The CW shows. Those TV series are filled with them. Just look at The Vampire Diaries. But, the difference between that show and Wednesday is that the love triangle in here felt so forced. In fact, it felt like there wasn't really one at all. It felt like it was more directed at Tyler the whole time, and Xaviar was just sort of there as a pawn in Wednesday’s detective game – only in the end did we really get a hint of what that relationship could be like. 

What I want to see if there’s a Season 2 is more female friendships. Let me tell you, I was more invested in the friendship between Enid and Wednesday than I was with her and any of the guys she was into. Their partnership drove this series and I loved seeing them hug as friends at the end. I would love to see her and Wednesday grow their friendship.

Same with her and Bianca. It looked like the two had reached common ground by the Wednesday ending, and they were at least on civil terms. They would be powerful together. I’d love to see it. 

Hunter Doohan as Tyler in Wednesday

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But If There Needs To Be Romance – God, Let It Be A New Character

However, in every teen dramedy or teen show, there’s always some sort of romance. So if there needs to be a romance in Season 2 – for the love of God, let it be someone else. 

While the romance between Wednesday and Tyler in Wednesday brought us that dance that has been blowing up everywhere, nothing about that felt real or believable. Same with Xavier. What Wednesday needs is someone who is literally just as weird and quirky as she is, like her own Gomez. 

For example, I think that she needs her own Joel, who was Wednesday’s friend in The Addams Family Values (the one Christina Ricci starred in), who was a bit weird but the perfect counterpart for her. And yet, we didn’t see anyone like that. I want that guy for her. Someone who will be supporting of her in every way. I need that. 

Moosa Mostafa in Wednesday.

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Way More Eugene

Eugune was freaking adorable and it is a sin that he was barely used in Wednesday. 

Like, come on. Yes, he was a little geeky, but he really did like Wednesday as a friend and supported her in so many ways and we barely got to see any of that before he was attacked by the Hyde. Sure, in the end, he got out of the hospital to help Wednesday against Thornhill, but we barely saw him otherwise. 

I’d love to see him and Wednesday become closer if there’s a second season. They had some really cute scenes and I’d be eager to see his character grow. 

Joseph Crackstone in Wednesday.

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I’d Love To See An Actual, Fleshed Out Supernatural Plot

Another flaw of Wednesday is that I felt its supernatural plot was not very well-thought out. Like, the whole point of Joseph Crackstone, who hunted down Wednesday's ancestor, Goody, was that he hated outcasts and witches. 

But, when he’s brought back to live in the present day, he uses magic to try and kill the outcasts? He literally became the thing he hated. It doesn’t make any sense. 

Also, it’s sort of unexplained as to why Wednesday even has these visions. No one else in her family – besides her Uncle Fester, who apparently has the powers of electrocution in his hands – has supernatural powers. How did she even get these? Does anyone else have powers? Like, what does this all even mean? At this point, Wednesday is not one of the best fantasy shows, just because it does a pretty bad job explaining its supernatural plots. It needs more in that regard.  

Joy Sunday in Wednesday.

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I Need To Know More About The Sirens And The Vampire Kids

Okay, I need to talk about this – we barely learned anything about these kids. 

We took a nice dive into werewolf culture with Enid and her need to “wolf out.” We even get a bit of an explanation into the world of stoners, that is, people who can turn others into stone, like Medusa, through Ajax, but we really don’t get to see that much with the other supernatural kids. 

We got a little with Bianca and seeing her mom, but other than that, really nothing in that regard unless you count her trying to “not be like her mother” in the lore of the history of sirens in her family. 

And the vampires – is it just me, or were they sort of just…forgotten about? In a world where vampires are sort of having a reemergence with shows like Let The Right One In and the AMC series, Interview With The Vampire, having an expanded vampire presence would be beneficial to any supernatural series. I request more of that in Season 2. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia in Wednesday

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I Know The Show Is About Wednesday – But I’d Enjoy Seeing More Of The Addams Family And Their Backstory 

Look, I know Wednesday is obviously about Wednesday. Jenna Ortega was amazing in her the role and further cements herself as a lead actress. But man, I’d love to see more of the Addams Family in the show. 

Not a lot – but maybe just more on their backstory. It’s clear it’s different from any other backstory of the Addams Family, and I’d want to see it. Maybe learn more about Morticia and Gomez, or perhaps more about how Thing came to be. I don’t know, just more. Obviously, Catherine Zeta-Jones is always very busy as is Luis Guzman, but I’d love to see them more. 

Wednesday Season 2 is bound to happen, and at this point, I’m just waiting for it to arrive. So whenever it does end up coming, you bet I’ll be sitting on my couch watching it on Netflix – further cementing itself as one of the most bingeable Netflix shows these days. Until then, I have so many questions I need answers to. 

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