A Roundup Of All The Best Wednesday And Enid Posts For Your Viewing Pleasure

Wednesday and Enid standing next to each other in Wednesday.
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One of the most unexpected and adorable friendships on the 2022 TV schedule, in my opinion, is between Wednesday Addams and her roommate Enid Sinclair on the Netflix series Wednesday. While Jenna Ortega’s phenomenal dance from the series is blowing up the internet, everyone is also sharing their thoughts on the unexpected and adorable BFFs. 

Enid and Wednesday really make perfect foils for each other. The two are polar opposites, but they care so much for each other, and the two actresses have amazing chemistry. While people raved about the casting of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Wednesday’s mother and Christina Ricci made wishes come true when she joined the Wednesday ensemble, now all eyes are on Ortega and Emma Myers who plays Enid. 

Many fans have started making edits, and clever posts about the pals, like @awaep_ on TikTok who posted a viral edit of the two that has over 543 thousand likes, check it out: 


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Another fan pointed out how the two are extremely different but perfect friends by way of a clever Taylor Swift reference, posting: 

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Enid really is sunshine and Wednesday is “Midnight Rain.” They really are polar opposites. Enid loves bright colors and rocks her multi-colored hair. Wednesday, on the other hand, wears all black and has an all-black room, that Enid describes as “Ted Bundy’s Pinterest” at one point in the series. This Twitter user also shared a post about their love for the obvious opposites, and noted how it feels like Enid is the perfect character written for Wednesday, posting: 

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What makes this friendship so special, is how much Wednesday clearly cares for Enid, which is not something you’ll get from her, really ever. As the series goes on you can tell Wednesday cares for her roommate, like when she decided to participate in the boat race, or helped set Enid up with her crush. One person on Twitter pointed out the mutual care, by capturing how the two adorably look at each other: 

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Minor spoilers for Wednesday ahead. 

I think the moment that really sealed the deal and made everyone fall in love with Wednesday and Enid was in the final moments of the season when Wednesday hugged her friend. As one person wrote this moment of affection from the Addams's daughter is rare, she doesn't even show affection toward her family. Another fan, pointed out that while both girls have love interests on the show, their friendship is the most heartwarming relationship in the series, tweeting

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While Wednesday doesn’t have many emotions, her show has revealed that she cares deeply about her friends, especially Enid. It’s really nice to see her hard shell soften just a bit as she grows closer to the young werewolf. Hopefully, if the show gets a Season 2 we’ll be able to see their friendship flourish even more. 

To watch Wednesday and Enid hilariously bicker, eventually bond and lovingly care for each other, you can check out Wednesday with a Netflix subscription

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