What's Coming To Disney+ In April 2023

Captain Hook's ship in Peter Pan and Wendy.
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March was always going to be a big month on Disney+ as it saw the return of The Mandalorian, the biggest hit that the streaming service has had since the day it launched. The question becomes, what exactly is going to happen the next month when the new season wraps up? While there certainly isn't anything quite as big as Mando, April on Disney+ still has a few great new additions that Disney fans of all stripes will appreciate.

The first of April will still give us more new episodes of The Mandalorian, while also continuing to drop new upsides of several Disney Channel shows on the streamer. Another new show Rennervations, will make its debut on April 12. The series sees MCY star Jeremy Renner designing unique vehicles to help out communities in need. 

Sunday, April 2

  • The Ghost and Molly McGee (S2, 5 episodes)
  • Spring Shorts-Tacular with the Ghost and Molly McGee

Wednesday, April 5

  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown (S1)
  • The Crossover - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth - Season 1 Premiere - All Episodes Streaming
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Chapter 22

Sunday, April 9

  • The Owl House (S3, 1 episode)

Wednesday, April 12

  • Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (S11)
  • Kiff (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Rennervations - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming
  • It's All Right! - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Chapter 23

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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The second half of April is when some of the more interesting new Disney+ items come along. On April 14 we'll get Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but exactly what this is, is unclear. Oswald was a character designed by Disney Bros. Studio prior to Mickey Mouse. The Walt Disney Company regained the rights to the character back in 2006. This could mean the classic Oswald shorts are coming to Disney+. It could mean the brand-new Oswald short released online last December is coming to the service. Or it could be something entirely new.

For other fans whose tastes run to classic Disney, we have the newest Disney live-action remake, with Peter Pan and Wendy translating the classic Disney Peter Pan for a new generation. The film is directed by David Lowry, who helmed the Pete's Dragon remake, which is one of the most unique of Disney's reinterpretations, so this one has potential. 

And Star Wars fans won't have to go entirely cold turkey once The Mandalorians wraps up Season 3, as Star Wars: Young Jedi Aventures will debut the week after Mandalorian ends.

Friday, April 14

  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Wednesday, April 19

  • Big City Greens (S3, 4 episodes)
  • Hamster & Gretel (S1, 4 episodes)
  • PJ Masks: Power Heroes (S1, 7 episodes)
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Season 3 Finale - Chapter 24

Saturday, April 22

  • Secrets of the Elephants

Wednesday, April 26

  • Dino Ranch (S2, 5 episodes)
  • Going Fur Gold (S1)
  • Saturdays (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Matildas: The World at Our Feet - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming
  • Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (Shorts) - Season 1 Premiere - All Episodes Streaming

Friday, April 28

  • Peter Pan & Wendy
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