Will Enola Holmes’ Henry Cavill Get A Spinoff As Sherlock? Here’s His Thoughts

henry cavill as sherlock in enola holmes 2
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Those with Netflix subscriptions get treats delivered almost daily to one of their streamers of choice, and it was less than a month ago that a sequel to one of the service’s most popular movies arrived. Enola Holmes 2 has been another boon for the streaming giant, with fans basically adoring it and many critics being similarly enthralled by the reunion of Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola and Henry Cavill’s Sherlock. But, with the newly reinstated Superman actor’s larger role in the film and two reveals that set up his future in the franchise, fans are wondering if we could see a Sherlock spinoff at some point, and the star just gave his thoughts on such an idea.

What Did Henry Cavill Say About A Potential Sherlock Spinoff Of Enola Holmes?

As noted, viewers were given a much broader look at Sherlock and his relationship with his younger sister this time around, with the siblings realizing that they were actually working the same case from different angles, and coming together to solve it. And, while fans have loved watching the two crack a mystery wide open enough to keep the film in the Netflix Top 10, lovers of the elder Holmes are also intrigued by the thought of seeing him on a solo case. Cavill spoke to The Wrap about the prospect, and said:

I think ‘How is there hope for him?’ would be answered in any future movies were they to happen. There’s always whisperings of these sort of things, but nothing is ever official until you enter the first day of shooting, and even then until you finish shooting and even then it has to come out. Right now that’s all, but I don’t know of anything official just yet.

Basically, if such a film were ever to come to pass, it would, at the very least, be a bit of a wait. If you tend to follow news on developing film and TV projects, you’ll know that there are hundreds (if not more) of potential movies and shows in the early stage of development at any given point in time, and only a fraction of those become fully-fledged things that we can all watch with our own two excited eyeballs. Consider how long DC fans have been waiting just for some real hope that Cavill’s Man of Steel would return to the big screen in a new solo film, and you get a full idea of how long it might take for his Sherlock to be seen in his own adventure.

Of course, there is one other thing that’s definitely in play here, despite the (SPOILER ALERT) Enola Holmes 2 ending reveals of both Moriarty and Watson (with the latter being sent by Enola so Sherlock wouldn’t be alone all the time), and the actor spoke to that, as well:

This universe is very much Enola’s, so she’ll always be involved. I think it’s important to make that connection between the two characters.

Though most people are now firmly on board with this version of Sherlock, that wasn’t quite always the case. But, as Cavill noted, that’s because this one is directly connected to Enola, a character who hadn’t been in any of the stories or movies before. As such, he’s a slightly different man than the one fans are used to, and “unique to the Enola universe.” This means that, regardless of whether or not we get to see him and Watson tangle with Moriarty in a future film, his clever and industrious little sister will always be a big part of the tale.

You can revisit both installments of the Enola Holmes franchise on Netflix right now.

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