Will Netflix's Warrior Nun Get Canceled? Why Fans Are Rallying Around The Series Online

The second season of Warrior Nun has finally premiered on Netflix and, given it's been two years since the public got its last batch of episodes, this has been a long time coming. While fans have seemingly been enjoying Season 2, they also appear to be worried that it could be the show's last. With that, they're in the process of rallying around the series in an effort to keep that from happening.

It’s no secret that Netflix has no problem cancelling shows whenever it sees fit, and fans of Warrior Nun are hoping that the series is not next on that list. But what has them concerned, you might ask? Well, it has to do with the numbers that the series has apparently scored.. One fan took to Twitter to share show's ratings for its second week, and they appear to have gone down. Take a look:

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Even though the ratings have allegedly gone down, some fans are pointing out the fact that Season 2 of Warrior Nun has been getting good reviews from viewers. Another Twitter user shared the second season’s audience score from Rotten Tomatoes, and it's impressive:

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Fans aren’t the only ones rallying behind the show. Series star Kristina Tonteri-Young, who portrays Sister Beatrice, is also fighting for it and mentioned how she’s been streaming it, as well. See the actress' appeal down below:

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Meanwhile, people are already looking forward to a potential greenlight for a third season of the well-received Netflix offering. A Twitter commentator took a comedic approach to describing how fans will react to a possible renewal, and it’s pretty on-brand for the series:

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It’s hard to say when the company might make a decision either way so, as of right now, the most fans can do is tune in and encourage others to do the same. The series has slowly been dropping out of the Netflix Top 10 for November but, if they keep watching, it could bode well for the show's chances.

Warrior Nun, which made its debut on Netflix in July 2020 and follows a 19-year-old who wakes up in a morgue with a symbol on her back. From there, she leans that she has ties to the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword. The series stars Alba Baptista, Thekla Reuten, Lorena Andrea, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Trisán Ulloa, Olivia Delcán, Sylvai De Fanti, and William Miller.

When it comes to TV renewals, it can be tough for fans to play the waiting game. We'll see just how long devotees of this drama series have to wait before there's movement on that front. Fingers crossed that there's some good news soon because, quite frankly, the list of shows ending in 2022 just keeps getting longer.

Watch the first two seasons of Warrior Nun now using a Netflix subscription, if you're looking to help keep the show’s ratings up. Also, check out the Netflix TV schedule to see what else is coming to the streamer soon, and take a moment to check out the 2022 TV schedule as well.

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