Robert Pattinson’s The Batman 2 Has Taken An Exciting Step Forward

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne The Batman.
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After The Batman’s mind-blowing success as a 2022 movie release, sequel talks were only a matter of time. Earlier this year, the next chapter of Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader was confirmed to be happening, with “the whole team” coming back for the ride. Those claims weren’t lying, as The Batman 2 has taken an exciting step forward, thanks to the film’s official writing team now being set.

While not officially credited for his work on this year’s DC comics reboot, writer Mattson Tomlin contributed some important tweaks to The Batman’s script. Credited to co-writer/director Matt Reeves and writer Peter Craig, Reeves will be retaining both of those positions for The Batman 2; with Tomlin upgraded to credited co-writer. 

But before you go looking for any plot details in the reporting from THR, there’s nothing of that sort included at the moment. Speculation will obviously run rampant from this point forward, as The Batman's sequel is hotly anticipated. Not to mention, there's more than a couple of story threads that are primed and waiting to be made into a big cinematic follow up. 

In the wake of The Batman’s ending, all sorts of angles for the series’ next installment are present. Though admittedly, the one Matt Reeves isn’t rushing to revisit is that of the currently incarcerated Joker. Barry Keoghan’s cameo would have some thinking otherwise, but without any further information, that’s one key tentpole that looks to be holding firm.

One could hope that with movement on The Batman 2’s script, there would also be a promising future for the various DC TV shows planned to expand the franchise. This is especially important when you take into account that Colin Farrell’s Penguin is now running the show in Gotham’s criminal underworld; and own of those series is focused squarely on his character. Also, with all of the changes going on at HBO Max, it’d be nice to get some sort of confirmation that the TV end of the universe is still active. 

Gotham City’s latest incarnation is growing, and the writing team of Mattson Tomlin and Matt Reeves is a steady bet that The Batman 2 will continue knocking audiences for a loop. Who knows what sort of threads or ideas the two are keen to pick back up as they continue Robert Pattinson’s journey into dark heroism? We’ll find out soon enough in the near future, as this story progresses.

The Batman is currently available for streaming to HBO Max subscribers, with no date set for The Batman 2’s production or release. However, if you’re curious as to what upcoming DC movies are still on the docket, you can breeze through that list at your leisure. Just don’t let Dwayne Johnson know you may have forgotten that Black Adam takes its place as the next DCEU release in theaters, starting October 21.

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