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Supernatural's Misha Collins Is Going From An Angel To A Batman Villain With Next Role

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After more than a decade of playing one of God's angels on Supernatural, it's only...natural...that star Misha Collins would want to take on a more devilish role after that show's record-breaking run. (Maybe not in the religious sense, but at least in the way of Evil with a capital E.) And so it's with great joy that we celebrate the actor's own reveal that he'll be returning to the CW for the upcoming Gotham Knights pilot to play one of Batman's most legendary villains.

Fans should get used to Misha Collins' handsome mug as is, because it might look a little different by the time we see him in action on Gotham Knights, as he'll be playing Gotham City's most dual-minded legal eagle, Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face. Collins shared the news on Twitter in the early hours, so check it out below!

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Details are obviously up in the air at the moment, as far as whether he'll be portraying Harvey Dent as is, or if the Two-Face element will be involved. One would think because he specifically posted a pic of Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face post-transformation, he's hinting at already being on the villainous side of things. But then, fans also met a pre-acid-washed Harvey on Gotham without ever witnessing the full-blown villain. Maybe it'll all come down to a simple coin flip.

While Gotham Knights is clearly enveloped in the world of Batman and Bruce Wayne, it'll be yet another CW series that avoids using the Dark Knight as a main character, and this show (like the same-named video game) will instead focus on his family of sidekicks. It'll be the first time fans will see some of these iconic comic book characters in live-action, from Harper Row's Bluebird to Robin/Batwoman Carrie Kelley. This new project is also astoundingly introducing a NEW adopted ward of Bruce's in the character Turner Hayes. 

What's amusingly interesting is that, within the pages of the New 52's Batman series, Harper Row's brother Cullen, who will be one of Gotham Knights' main characters, is actually a fan of Supernatural. So if anybody is going to potentially recognize Misha Collins as possibly being someone other than Harvey Dent, it'll be Cullen. 

Gotham Knights is obviously still in the pilot stage, so it's unclear whether the show will get a full series order on The CW, which just this week issued renewals for a slew of its original series, including The Flash, which many fans thought could be pulling out after the current one. Perhaps that's as good a sign as any that the network is sticking to its heroic guns even after rumors of other companies stepping in to buy it up. 

Misha Collins isn't the only one going from Supernatural to superheroics, as Jensen Ackles will relatively soon be seen as the hotheaded supe Soldier Boy in Season 3 of Prime Video's The Boys. To that end, I have to wonder if Harvey Dent will actually be more of a "good guy" than Soldier Boy. 

While waiting to hear more about Misha Collins' involvement with Gotham Knights, check out all the upcoming DC movies heading our way, and head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way!

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