That Time Robert Pattinson Was So Buff For The Batman That Eddie Redmayne Didn’t Recognize Him

Robert Pattinson in The Batman
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It’s no secret that superhero movies are a massively powerful force in the entertainment industry, with a number of notable actors playing superheroes on the big screen. Robert Pattinson recently debuted his take on Batman, getting super ripped in the process. And it turns out that he was so buff that even his old friend Eddie Redmayne didn’t recognize him.

Eddie Redmayne and Robert Pattinson are old friends, who were even roommates when trying to break into the world of Hollywood. As such, it seems unlikely that the Fantastic Beasts actor wouldn’t recognize Pattinson. But Redmayne recently shared a funny amusing story on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon about that happening, thanks to The Batman star’s insane fitness regimen. First came some background:

One day, I went to the gym, and I walked in, and there was this guy with, like, a high ponytail. Massive. Doing the most extraordinary stunts I've ever seen with his stunt director. And it was that slightly embarrassing thing when you're a skinny runt, and you go into a gym and there's someone, and this is the same gym that, like, Jason Momoa goes to. You're quite used to big guys. And I walk in and there's this guy, and this guy goes, 'Hi,' and I go, 'Hi,' and then I just sort of sit there watching him do these incredible things while I, sort of, you know, weakly do a sit up in the corner.

I mean, same. Plenty of us out there can relate to feeling somewhat out of place among the super ripped folks at the gym. Eddie Redmayne might be an accomplished actor of the screen and stage, but even he’s got some gym insecurities. Especially when comparing himself to the superhero version of his friend and peer Robert Pattinson.

It turns out that Robert Pattinson was looking massive filming The Batman, which definitely tracks. There were a few shirtless scenes in the movie that showed just how much the Twilight actor had physically transformed to become the Dark Knight. Eddie Redmayne went on to explain how he realized he was sharing a gym with his former roomie, in his words:

Anyway, after, like, forty minutes of doing this, I sort of go - not forty minutes, ten minutes - I go to sort of scuttle off, and as I'm going, this guy goes, 'Bye Eddie!' And I look back and it was Rob! And he was so physically changed, and he had a man-bun.

Oops. While Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne are old friends, it turns out that the latter actor couldn’t recognize the superhero version of Pattinson. It shows just how much commitment that the Tenet star put into becoming Batman. And that’s a process that might have to happen again if Matt Reeves and company are given a sequel by Warner Bros. For his part, the filmmaker definitely has ideas for the future. 

The burgeoning franchise will first continue with a Penguin spinoff series for HBO Max. But fans definitely want to see The Batman get a sequel, especially thanks to the debut of Barry Keoghan’s take on The Joker. Fingers crossed.

The Batman is still in theaters now, and Eddie Redmayne’s Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will follow suit on April 6th (reviews are out now). In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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