DC League of Super-Pets Reunites The Rock And Kevin Hart, And Johnson’s Already Bringing The A+ Insults

Krypto freezes Ace into place in DC League of Super-Pets.
(Image credit: Warner Bros./DC Comics)

Comedy teams like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart share a tight bond. While you might see both men striking it out solo in the many upcoming movies headed to theaters in 2022, reunions like DC League of Super-Pets will always be welcome reminders of how well they work together. While we still have a bit of a wait to see that animated adventure, A+ insults are already on the table table when it comes to Johnson’s good friend and recurring co-star.

A new trailer for DC and Warner Bros’ latest debuted at CinemaCon, with Dwayne Johnson presenting the footage on behalf of the studio. Hyping up the all-star cast of icons that also includes Keanu Reeves, Kate McKinnon and Natasha Lyonne, among others, Johnson eventually threw it to DC League of Super-Pets. This allowed him to drop the following dig with excellent timing:

Enjoy Kevin Hart, who continues to be like my third child.

You can see why projects such as this continue to reunite Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson on the big screen. Throughout the various comedies that these actors have taken part in, there’s always an undercurrent of competition through insults going on between the two. It’s chemistry that’s made the heart of movies like Central Intelligence and the Jumanji sequels work out, but it’s even effective in smaller doses, as seen through Hart’s cameo in Hobbs and Shaw.

Snark aside, Dwayne Johnson absolutely knows what DC League of Super-Pets has going for it. Hyping the chemistry that he and Kevin Hart always dig into, the Black Adam star cited it front and center as a draw for audiences looking forward to the latest Warner Animation Group movie. Playing it straight from the heart, Johnson laid it all out thusly:

I play Krypto, the cast is great. Of course, what we do lean on is the chemistry between myself and Kevin Hart. You’ll see him in this movie too, as well. That unique dynamic that Kevin and I have is shown throughout this movie and we really lean into it. So, I’m very excited about this.

Double acts like Johnson and Hart succeed because of knowing their schtick and playing around with those expectations at every given turn. This is why seeing Dwayne Johnson voice Krypto the Superdog alongside Kevin Hart’s Ace the Bat-Hound makes for so much fun. What better pair for these partners in crime to voice than the animal surrogates of the most iconic DC heroes, who have also been known to tussle from time to time?

DC League of Super-Pets will sit and stay to save the day, only in theaters on July 29th. Though if you’re a Dwayne Johnson fan, you know that he’s also got Black Adam heading into theaters on October 21. You can find both of these titles and more on the list of upcoming DC movies, which spans as far as the near future will let it.

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