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Daredevil's Deborah Ann Woll Shares Thoughts On Possibly Bringing Karen Page To The MCU

Deborah Ann Woll on Daredevil
(Image credit: Netflix)

The pieces seem to be falling in place for a Daredevil revival at Disney and Marvel Studios. Recent reports allege that the reboot is moving forward and is aiming to kick off production sometime before the end of the year. While many fans are excited by the possibility of seeing more from the Man Without Fear, they also have a number of questions. One of those queries is how Marvel might fill out the cast of the alleged project. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, who’ve recently reprised their respective roles, are probably shoo-ins. But the status of stars like Deborah Ann Woll is still unclear. Now, the actress is sharing thoughts on possibly bringing Karen Page to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Karen Page became a key part of the Marvel-Netflix franchise during its run, and Deborah Ann Woll received praise for her performance. It’s been a few years since Woll played the inquisitive legal assistant-turned-journalist, as fans last saw Page in The Punisher Season 2. Despite having been away from Karen for a few years though, Woll told Den of Geek that she’s still more than game to reprise the role in the MCU:

I would gladly, in a heartbeat, pick Karen back up. Obviously, I would want it to be the right thing, I wouldn’t want to go for it if it felt completely different from what we did. I would come back because I want to play with Matt Murdock again, and I want to play with Frank Castle again. I want to see these characters again. Even though I’ve stayed in touch with the humans, the characters are also fascinating people. And it is a weird thing as an actor, you have a relationship to fictional characters. That’s your job, your job is to create a genuine relationship with something that doesn’t exist, and it affects you as though it does, so that’s the hardest part. … should they call, I am here with open ears.

Like many fans, Deborah Ann Woll wasn’t exactly thrilled when Daredevil was cancelled by Netflix after three seasons back in 2018. The following year, Woll revealed that she felt “sad” when she learned of the cancellation, though she took some pleasure in knowing that the series was axed “at the height of [its] powers.” Woll subsequently opened up and got particularly emotional about not finding acting work following the end of the show (which can now be streamed using a Disney+ subscription).

The True Blood alum has also been standing alongside fans, as they petition for DD to be revived. With a reboot of some kind seemingly on the way, one might assume that the Karen Page character would be involved somehow. As one of Matt Murdock’s key allies, it would make sense to keep her in the mix. Marvel Studios could, however, opt to retool the character’s mythology a bit, which could shift Page (and maybe others like Foggy Nelson) out of the picture. 

It’s probably safe to assume that those kinds of omissions are not the kind of changes fans want to see. There is a key alteration lead actor Charlie Cox would like to see, however. He recently revealed that he wants Daredevil’s costume to change, as he’d like the hero to have his iconic DD emblem. Aside from superhero duds, Cox has also discussed the possibility of doing a “lighter” PG-13 take on the Marvel character, which would differ from the three gritty seasons he’s done so far.

These are all elements that should certainly be considered by fans as Marvel Studios and Disney’s plans for Daredevil become clearer. Let’s hope Deborah Ann Woll and all of her former co-stars fit into whatever direction the purported project plans to take.

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