Daredevil Star Gets Emotional About Not Finding Acting Work After The Netflix Cancellation

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The stars of Daredevil were left without the show they had starred on when Netflix cancelled the series back in late 2018. This, despite the superhero drama reportedly being one of Netflix’s top five shows at the time. Fast forward to 2020 and one of the show’s leads, Deborah Ann Woll, has gotten emotional in a new interview about not finding work since the series ended.

It is tough to understand why, but Deborah Ann Woll, who fantastically portrayed the intrepid Karen Page, has not had an acting gig since Daredevil got cancelled. Following the 2018 cancellation, Woll had opened up about her feelings surrounding the drama’s shocking end. Now, almost a year-and-a-half after Daredevil’s cancellation, Woll is sharing her feelings about not having an acting job since.

Deborah Ann Woll’s reveal seems to indicate that the credits she amassed in projects that were released after Daredevil and her stint on The Punisher’s last season, were filmed before either of the Marvel/Netflix series. Hence, Woll’s voice trembled as she told Marvel’s creative director, Joe Quesada, on Joe Q’s Mornin’ Warm Up:

I'm just really wondering whether I'll get to work again, whether anyone wants to work with me again, and whether I still have it, all of those scary things. And part of my brain goes, 'No, you're just being crazy, calm down.' But the part of me that loves [acting] and the problem with being an artist and an actor, and any of these professions where you put a piece of your soul into your work, is that it becomes a part of your identity.

It has understandably been a tough transition for the talented actress, and a personally confusing development considering her acting abilities. Following the end of HBO’s True Blood, Deborah Ann Woll made a pretty swift transition on the small screen, going from playing eternal teenager Jessica Hamby on the vampire drama, to a personal favorite as Karen on Daredevil. Why is she not being offering roles left and right?

Considering her sci-fi/fantasy and dramatic background, I could see her starring on Netflix’s The Witcher or dropping by to become Joe’s next obsession (or his undoing) on You. And, The Witcher has found a way to continue its casting process for Season 2, but it's just a thought. Whatever the reason for the drought, Deborah Ann Woll reflected on how her career post-Daredevil has impacted her on a personal level, saying:

If I'm not acting, I'm not sure who I am. And since it's been so long since I've really gotten to do it, I'm struggling a little bit with how to maintain my self worth, my sense of my own value. . . . I haven't had an acting job since, and that's been really hard for me. So even before COVID kind of flipped the world on its head, I was struggling with this.

Somebody, please cast Deborah Ann Woll! On a related note, please cast her in something opposite Punisher portrayer, Jon Bernthal. It would help take the sting out of the massive loss that has been not seeing Frank and Karen continue their chemistry-laden relationship on The Punisher (and Daredevil). I cannot be the only who wants an on screen reunion.

Jon Bernthal has indicated that he is ready for Frank Castle to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would love it if Deborah Ann Woll ended up accompanying him on the silver screen as Karen Page. Of course, the MCU has to open its doors to their TV counterparts first.

Whatever the future holds for her, I hope more acting jobs are on their way for Deborah Ann Woll. Plenty of television and movies would be lucky to have her. I am just shocked they have gone this long without her.

You can currently watch the fabulous Deborah Ann Woll in Daredevil and The Punisher as Karen Page on Netflix, along with lots of new 2020 content. While you wait to see where Woll turns up next, you can check out this spring’s premieres.

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