Hugh Jackman Just Threw Back To Ryan Reynolds Calling Him Out For Retiring From Wolverine And LOL

The Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds feud is storied and frankly iconic. Their joking, frenemy energy is hilarious, and the two are not afraid to throw a bit of shade at each other. With the exciting announcement of the two teaming up for Deadpool 3, they are back at their shenanigans, and this time Jackman is throwing it back a few years in the most hilarious way. 

Let me take you back to 2018, Deadpool 2 is premiering, and Logan had come out a year earlier. Reynolds made it abundantly clear he wanted Wolverine in a Deadpool movie. However, with Logan being released that seemed impossible, because Logan died in the movie. It appeared Jackman had hung up his claws, and he retired from the role. So, in 2018 when asked if Wolverine would appear in the next installment of Deadpool, Reynolds told Variety

You know that’s a long-standing dream of mine. But you know, sadly it’s Hugh Jackman that’s the skin-colored speedbump on the road to that sort of happiness. We’ll see. He hung it up. So, we’ll see.

Now, about a week after the Deadpool 3 announcement, Jackman reposted this deep-cut and hilarious interview on his Instagram stories, check it out:

Hugh Jackman posted a video from 2018 of Ryan Reynolds talking about Wolverine showing up in Deadpool 3. Jackman wrote in quotes "The skin colored speed-bump on the road to that sort of happiness." to mock what Reynolds said.

(Image credit: Hugh Jackman's Instagram Stories)

The Wolverine actor had to scroll a ways back to find that one. With such a long faux feud, I'm sure we can expect even more deep-cut and hilarious callbacks between now and the release of Deadpool 3. 

Jackman and Reynolds have a long history of poking fun at each other on social media, so something like this is not surprising. Reynolds clapped back at Jackman via an Aviation Gin ad. Jackman gave Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively free coffee for dealing with Reynolds all the time. And the two even put their feud on pause for a second to help raise money for charity during the pandemic. However, the feud is back on, and the two are hilariously not holding back. 

Looking at the entire 2018 interview Jackman posted, something else to note is the interview with Simon Kinberg, a producer on both Logan and Deadpool 2.  He explained that it wasn’t impossible to see a team-up between Wolverine and Deadpool, but with how Logan ended, it seemed highly unlikely. You can check out the full interview for yourself here:

The Logan factor has been a point of criticism around the announcement. However, fans should not be mad about Wolverine’s return, there is so much to be excited about, namely seeing Jackman and Reynolds finally bring their hilarious energy from social media to the big screen. 

Another reason to get excited for the Reynolds/Jackman team-up of our dreams is the man who will be directing the two. Deadpool 3 will be directed by Shawn Levy, who worked with Reynolds on Free Guy and The Adam Project and directed Jackman in Real Steel. The three all seem like goofy and fun-loving guys, who have all created wildly successful movies. I have a feeling Deadpool 3 will be just as good if not better. 

Along with the Wolverine announcement, we also got a release date for Deadpool 3. The third installment of the merc with the mouth’s story will hit theaters on September 6, 2024, placing it at the beginning of Phase 6 in Marvel’s upcoming releases. So, while we have to wait for a while to see the two team up, in the meantime, you can watch all the other Marvel movies in order. Plus, I’m positive the shenanigans will continue on social media. Personally, I can’t wait to see what hijinks the two have in store for the next few years, if it’s anything like this deep cut, we’re in for a wild ride. 

Riley Utley
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