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Ryan Reynolds Shares Hilarious Reaction To Shawn Levy Being Hired To Direct Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool
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Deadpool 3's development status has been somewhat unclear, with fans getting even more nervous about its future after Ryan Reynolds announced an acting break. While cryptic updates about the highly anticipated film have been released sporadically, the project has taken a big step forward by tapping Shawn Levy to direct. Reynolds seems like he couldn’t be happier about Levy being hired on as Deadpool 3 director, and his response to the news is actually pretty sweet and hilarious.

By now, most know that Ryan Reynolds has a very specific sense of humor, and it was definitely applied to his recent celebratory post. The star took to his Instagram to confirm the news of Shawn Levy joining the Marvel franchise and did so by tying all of their collaborations together. You can check out the post below, which features all of Reynolds’ characters from Levy-directed movies. And peep the humorous caption he added as well:

Considering the post has thousands of comments and over a million likes, it’s safe to say that fans are hyped over the news. There are certainly tons of fans wondering when they'll actually be able to expect to see the film, though. Still, it's honestly just good to know that things are moving forward and that the actor is pleased with who's in the director's chair.

As alluded to in the post, Deadpool 3 will mark the third film that Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy have made together. It's cool to see his titular characters Guy from Free Guy and Adam from The Adam Project being joined by Deadpool in the photo. While Reynolds couldn't help but add a joke to the post, there has to be a part of him that truly appreciates the fact that he can work with Levy a third time.

The actor and director have wasted no time becoming a powerhouse creative force. Free Guy released well under a year ago, while The Adam Project just released this past week. With another project on the books for the two, their professional relationship is developing faster than your average schoolyard crush. 

While it’s still very unclear just when production on Deadpool 3 will even happen, one would assume that the pair have discussed key creative details thus far. This includes determining just how "stabby" the new installment will be. The wait for the flick has been tough, though, as it’s already been around four years since the second film graced the big screen. So hopefully, despite the the lead star's acting "sabbatical," it won't be too much longer before the Merc with a Mouth returns. 

There’s plenty of Ryan Reynolds to go around in the meantime, though, because he still has a promising year ahead of him with his finished projects. If you’ve got a Netflix subscription, you can check out The Adam Project. The movie is only one of the major new movie releases you'll want to check out as the year progresses. And if you want to revisit the first two Deadpool movies for more of Reynolds' sharp wit, you can do so with a Hulu subscription.

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