Hugh Jackman Posts Cryptic Photo, And Fans Think He’s Teasing A Deadpool 3 Role

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool
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If there’s anything that sets off alarm bells for movie fans, it’s the name Hugh Jackman being mentioned in the same sentence as the title Deadpool 3. While the development of that upcoming Marvel movie hasn’t made any such announcements or teases yet, that hasn’t stopped fans from looking for clues that they think exist. Our latest potential sign of Jackman’s return to the MCU comes from a cryptic photo he posted, which some see as a tease for a team-up with Ryan Reynolds. 

The actor's Instagram post seems innocuous enough. Posting a shocked emoji as the caption, and looking pretty stunned himself, The Music Man’s Broadway lead has gotten everyone talking with just this simple combination of being struck with awe. Take a look for yourself, before we get too deep into speculation:

Posting that same photo throughout other official social media platforms, the X-Men alum has inspired quite the responses from his fans. Twitter user “miss_lissa_412” was one of those admirers who made this reference to the“feud” between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds:

What did @VancityReynolds send you?

As far as a Wolverine appearance in Deadpool 3 goes, Ryan Reynolds sees it as a potential “dream come true.” Reynolds’ instructions to write to Kevin Feige may have gotten through to the fans too, as user rmrubio13” brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s mastermind into the conversation with their own dream:

Hugh Jackman’s reaction to @Kevfeige’s request for him to come back as Wolverine! Hey, I can dream right?

Hugh Jackman’s original Instagram post saw some pretty promising reactions as well. Commenter “brodie.kaine” has faith that the threequel is exactly what’s on the table, as seen in this short and simple response:

When you get the script for DEADPOOL 3.

However, is this really Hugh Jackman teasing a Deadpool 3 role? Or is it a reaction to some other breaking news? User “wesleymyers27_” posted this reaction on the original Instagram post that tapped into something we covered very recently in the world of MCU madness: 

His reaction of Chris Evans being casted as wolverine lol

Perhaps Hugh Jackman’s new potential “feud” is about to kick off. Only the man himself knows, and you can bet he won’t tell until he’s ready. That’s part of the fun that Jackman has with his fans, and any journalists keeping tabs on such developments. So consider us glued to our screens to find out what happens next.

But how likely is the Merc with a Mouth's new movie to rope in the previous Wolverine for another appearance? Some may tell you those odds jumped quite a bit thanks to director Shawn Levy being hired to make Deadpool 3. Unfortunately, the film has no official release date, or even an estimated production schedule, so we might not see movement on this front for some time. 

That said, there’s plenty of time to try and convince Hugh Jackman into popping his claws yet again in the name of comedy gold. Also, it gives everyone time to check out the upcoming movies, Marvel and otherwise, that are officially on the docket in the year to come.

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