Hugh Jackman Reveals Why Training For Wolverine In Deadpool 3 Is ‘Harder’ Than The X-Men Movies

It’s no secret that the superhero genre is a powerful force in the entertainment industry, with various cinematic universes currently competing for box office supremacy. One of the most highly anticipated upcoming Marvel movies is Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3, which will feature Hugh Jackman’s return to the role of Wolverine. And the Oscar nominated actor recently revealed why training for Wolverine in the threequel is “harder” than the X-Men movies.

Before superhero movies became commonplace, Hugh Jackman brought Wolverine to life in the 2000 X-Men movie. He had retired from the role following the emotional sendoff in James Mangold’s Logan, but decided to once again take up the claws opposite Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 3. He recently appeared on the Empire Podcast, where he was asked if training to play Wolverine has gotten any easier since he’s been doing it for so long. He responded frankly, while referencing the fact that he’s currently starring in The Music Man on Broadway. As he put it,

No, a lot harder. I'm doing eight shows a week right now, so I'm only lifting weights three times a week. But I'll be getting into it once or twice a day as soon as this is done in a month. And I'll have six months to prep, and I always have the same approach every time I go in. I want it to be better than ever, to be in better shape than ever, more able to do things than ever. I just get the added incentive of taking Ryan Reynolds out each day.

Some serious points were made. Hugh Jackman is known for getting absolutely ripped to play Wolverine in X-Men movies like Days of Future Past. But since he’s already putting his body through so much dancing through eight shows a week on Broadway, he doesn’t have the time or energy to live in the gym. But that should change once he goes into full prep mode. 

Hugh Jackman’s comments to the Empire Podcast come as he’s been promoting his recent drama The Son. But eventually the conversation turned to Wolverine, which is likely something that the 54 year-old actor is used to at this point. Although there's a good reason why these questions are currently circulating around online: fans are eager for any information about Jackman once again playing Logan in the upcoming Deadpool threequel.

While Hugh Jackman isn’t able to put all of his energy into getting Wolverine swole, smart money says he’ll still end up looking killer in Deadpool 3. Although there’s one question that’s surrounding his appearance in the upcoming threequel: will he finally wear Wolverine’s signature yellow suit from the comics/cartoons? Only time will tell, but I can’t imagine Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t want to bring that to life; Deadpool’s suit is super comic accurate.

Deadpool 3 is currently expected to arrive in theaters on November 8th, 2024. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. And Hugh Jackman has a number of other upcoming projects also coming down the line, in addition to his continued role as Harold Hill in The Music Man

Corey Chichizola
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