Hugh Jackman Shares Ripped Throwback From Wolverine Training

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
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Hugh Jackman had a fantastic run as Wolverine in the X-Men movies, carving out his own lane in the superhero landscape before the Marvel Cinematic Universe even existed. MCU fans have called for the return of Jackman as Wolverine now that the MCU is introducing the multiverse, opening up the possibilities for all sorts of insane events and crossovers from Marvel movies outside of the MCU. Jackman’s time as Wolverine was iconic for many reasons, and a big one was how ripped he got for the role. Jackman has shared a throwback from his Wolverine training, and it looks intense. 

Hugh Jackman’s training is as intense as you would think training to portray a character like Wolverine, and he isn’t shy about reminding himself and fans about that crazy part of his career where being ripped was half the job. Jackman shared a throwback of one of his favorite workouts and poked some fun at how serious he looks on Instagram:

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Hugh Jackman’s “innocent” throwback picture is also a huge flex, as he is pictured deadlift a ridiculous amount of weight. The look on his face is warranted because he was seriously putting in some hard work, and it’s no wonder the actor was happy to leave the role behind because the amount of work it took was insane. Jackman may be one of the reasons comic book movie actors have to get insanely in shape for their roles, as seemingly every new hero is ridiculously ripped. 

Hugh Jackman’s recently injured his nose during rehearsals for The Music Man, roving that even musicals involve some dangerous training. We may never see him as Wolverine ever again, but we will seemingly be getting a ton of different types of movies from Jackman like the neo-noir film Reminiscence and a heavy helping of musicals. 

MCU star Anthony Mackie recently shared his idea for Real Steel 2, and it got everyone excited for a potential follow-up to Jackman’s 2011 movie. Jackman responded to the potential of a sequel, saying the first film is one of his favorites out of everything he has done. Real Steel didn’t perform great from a box office standpoint, but it has its fans, and Jackman is very fond of it and probably wouldn’t say no to a sequel. 

Between his upcoming projects and his ongoing “feud” with Ryan Reynolds, who he recently complimented after Reynold’s award win, Jackman loves to reminisce about his past as Wolverine. Fans are still crazy about the character, and whoever steps into the role for the eventual introduction of the X-Men into the MCU has a lot to live up to.  We look forward to more throwbacks and friendly shots at Ryan Reynolds from Jackman. 

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