Hugh Jackman Shows Off Grueling Wolverine Plank, You Know, Just In Case You Want To Try This At Home

When Hugh Jackman took on Wolverine in Logan, the actor was set to make the ninth and final appearance as the X-Men hero. The 2017 movie gave him a worthy sendoff, but in a turn of events fit for the MCU’s multiverse era, the actor is set to return to the franchise for Deadpool 3 alongside his pal Ryan Reynolds. Jackman is currently preparing to reprise the role with an exercise routine that includes some intense plank exercises. 

Holding a plank in and of itself takes some serious ab strength, but Hugh Jackman has taken it a step further on his journey to get into superheroic shape. Check out the actor completing a set of advanced and grueling planks on Instagram

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Hugh Jackman took to social media on Wednesday to share a black and white video of himself moving through some plank exercises with a hefty plate weight on his back. Jackman commented that if anyone is looking for him, he’s currently becoming Wolverine again. He’s certainly working hard to get back into crazy good shape for the X-Men icon’s return. 

Hugh Jackman was completing an exercise called a “weighted plank,” or “loaded plank,” which people do once they master the basic plank exercise and it’s no longer challenging enough of an exercise for them. The weight plate increases the resistance of the exercise and is engaging Jackman’s muscles at a much higher level, because, well… he’s Wolverine. 

Deadpool 3

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Release Date: November 8, 2024 (Theaters) 
Directed By: Shawn Levy
Written By: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Leslie Uggams and Emma Corrin

Jackman’s version of planks will seriously work his core strength and therefore contribute to some serious ab muscles. Perhaps, the actor prepping for a shirtless scene? The video sees him being accompanied by fitness professional Beth Lewis, who cheered him on as he completed the advanced exercise. We should warn one that doing one of these Wolverine planks is rather dangerous if you’re not an absolute pro at planks, and if you are ready to try it out, you should have a friend spot you like Jackman is doing with his trainer right there next to him. 

The longtime X-Men actor is currently bulking up ahead of Deadpool 3 in the coming months. A couple weeks ago, the actor said he’d be filming the movie this summer whilst letting it slip he will somehow have a “dual role” in the sequel. Within the past month, Jackman’s social media account has been almost completely about his workout routines, including him sharing that he recovers by polar bear plunging in near-freezing temperatures

Deadpool 3 will reunite Hugh Jackman with director Shawn Levy, whom he previously worked with on Real Steel back in 2011 before introducing Levy to Ryan Reynolds. In recent years, Reynolds and Levy have become a dynamic movie duo and worked on two movies together, 2021’s Free Guy and 2022’s The Adam Project. The Deadpool sequel is among a huge slate of upcoming Marvel movies to look forward to. Hugh Jackman is certainly working hard to return to Wolverine in prime shape! 

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