I’m Loving These Posts Of Hugh Jackman Running Into Freezing Water To Recharge After Wolverine Workouts

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine popping claws as he emerges from water tank
(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

Hugh Jackman is now in full Wolverine mode as he gets ready to play Logan again one more time in the upcoming Deadpool 3. But there’s a lot more to his preparations than hitting the gym; Jackman is packing on the calories, eating an incredible amount in order to convert that food into muscle. And then he’s apparently jumping in a freezing cold ocean, because why not?

Jackman has posted on Instagram a few times in the last few weeks or so that his “recovery” after his workout includes a jump in the ocean. While the oceans of North America are never particularly warm, they are certainly less so this time of year. But it’s apparently good for the muscles post-workout, and so into the freezing cold water he goes.

The post-workout jump in freezing water appears to be a new part of the regular Wolverine workout. While Hugh Jackman is certainly no stranger to the gym or the absolutely intense diet that needs to accompany a serious workout, the first time he got the insane idea of jumping in the ocean was at the end of 2020. Jackman took videos of himself before and after taking the “polar plunge” and seemed to really enjoy it. So he has decided to make it a regular part of his routine now.

In one of the posts, Jackman discusses just how freezing the water is, but just how good it actually feels. Post-workout, when his body is sore, the freezing water makes him feel much better. So that part at least makes sense, even if 36-degree water seems like a high price to pay for that feeling.

It’s making me cold just looking at these photos. Human beings don’t need to subject themselves to this sort of torture, so I really don’t understand why some people do it... but it’s sort of incredible that he does. And Jackman really does seem to love it. You can hear him in the video, and see the look on his face in the pictures and it clearly invigorates him. Better him than me.

If nothing else we can say with certainty that Hugh Jackman is going all-in on his Deadpool 3 training, even if co-star Ryan Reynolds is poking fun at his friend for working so hard. Reynolds, of course, actually is working out and is just giving his buddy hell like he always does. 

Jackman's Instagram has shown s some of the workouts he’s doing, the massive amounts of food he’s eating, and the cold water lunges that follow all of it. The work will all be worth it when he shows up as Wolverine on the big screen again something nobody, including Jackman himself, thought we’d ever see again. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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