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The Shang-Chi Prop Simu Liu Wanted So Badly Marvel Had Security Watch Him

It’s certainly not uncommon for stars to take home props from the movies or shows they’ve worked on once the production is done. Whether it’s an iconic costume, or some other special item, it’s a nice way for actors to have a memento of their time making a film. Unfortunately, not everything is available for actors to take home. Simu Liu reveals all he wanted from the set of Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were his character’s shoes. However, Marvel wouldn’t allow it, because they were actually a pair of quite rare Air Jordan sneakers.

Shang-Chi isn’t exactly a character who has a lot of money, at least based on the man we see early in the Marvel Studios’ film. The guy doesn’t even have his own car. However, when he does have cash, he apparently spends it on shoes. He loves Air Jordan’s as Simu Liu’s character wears a pair of Air Jordan Access “Bred” through most of the movie, but the actor tells Complex that at the end of the movie he’s in an even cooler set of kicks. He says security was incredibly tight just around the shoes because they were worth so much. Liu explains… 

Yeah, I begged the production to let me keep the shoes after. They were like, ‘No fricking way in hell.’ [Laughs.] They basically had security watching me putting the shoes on and wearing the shoes back to my trailer. They’re just like, ‘Don’t you dare take that.’ But yeah, I thought those were great. I wish those got a little bit more screen time. I hope that Shaun will be a representative for all the sneakerheads out there. Hopefully, we’ll get to see that not just with his costume but just in what he wears in everyday life, you know? Hopefully we see him wearing some more heat.

As Simu Liu says, the shoes don’t get much screen time, which makes the fact that they used really valuable sneakers, the sort that needed their own security, sort of wild. Maybe the plan was for them to be on screen more, but editing ended up chopping it all out. The movie didn’t need to go this hard on the shoes, it’s clear that a lot of people didn’t notice them in the first place.

I suppose it makes sense though. If I had just saved the world from an other-worldly dark presence that wanted to consume my universe, I’d spend some money to celebrate. I’d probably get a hotel suite at Disney World for a week. If shoes were my thing, I would probably spend the cash on an awesome new pair of rare sneakers.

Maybe the reason that Marvel Studios watched them so closely was because they knew there was a good chance this movie would get a sequel. Wherever those shoes are now, they’re likely being kept safe so Simu Liu can wear them again in an upcoming Marvel movie appearance. Maybe after they get a bit more wear and tear, Marvel will let Simu Liu take them home. 

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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