Tom Holland Better Watch Out: Kathryn Newton Is Calling Herself The 'The Best Golfer In The MCU' And Playfully Challenging Him

Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Kathryn Newton as Cassie Lang
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Qunatumania inducts a new hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Kathryn Newton’s Cassie Lang, who is following in the footsteps of Ant-Man with a size-changing suit of her own. Newton may be among the new MCU stars, but she’s certainly confident enough in one sport to challenge fellow star Tom Holland

Newton has been playing golf in tournaments since she was eight years old and was even going to the U.S. Women’s Open qualifier back in 2012, but she decided to pursue acting rather than golf professionally. So when IMDB asked her to compare her skills to that of her Ant-Man co-stars, she had this to say: 

Definitely the best golfer in the cast. Absolutely. I might be the best golfer in the MCU. I’m talking to you, Tom Holland.

Holland is also an avid golfer. The actor has even played the sport in his Spider-Man suit and shared in the past that he’s “obsessed” with the sport because it’s the only one he can play without getting dangerously injured. He can consider himself challenged by Kathryn Newton, who also said this: 

I hear he’s a very good golfer, so I say that lightly and humbly, but I’m pretty good, so we’ll have to see.

It sounds like she’s ready to test who’s the better golfer in the MCU with Tom Holland to prove her point. I’d personally put my money on Newton, who sounds like she could have gone pro if she decided to. Then again, Tom Holland keeps his life way more low key, and who knows, maybe he’s as amazing at swinging clubs as Spider-Man is at swinging webs. 

Golfing isn’t the only thing the two MCU actors have in common. Apparently Paul Rudd has said Newton is like Tom Holland because she’s not the best at keeping spoilers to herself. We haven’t heard of anything leaking yet from the actress, but it’s something to note. All in all, it sounds like Kathryn Newton and Tom Holland would be a good matchup in an upcoming Marvel movie, at least to settle who’s the ultimate best golfer in the MCU. Still, I’m sure there are other secretly great golfers among the franchise’s massive lineup of actors. Marvel should host some kind of MCU open for charity.

Tom Holland is currently taking a break from the MCU after delivering on an entire trilogy of Spider-Man films and appearances in a few other Marvel movies. He’ll star in the next live-action Spider-Man movie, but the latest on that is Marvel’s writers are “just putting pen to paper” on the story. Holland better sharpen his golf skills in the meantime since it looks like he’s been challenged by who could be the best golfer in the MCU! 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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