Watch Tom Holland Play Golf In His Spider-Man Suit

Being a superhero is a full-time job and there is no offseason. So when actors get a few minutes to unwind, they often take full advantage. Thor enjoys a full mug of ale, Iron Man indulges in rich people things and Captain America likes to sneak a kiss with his ex's grandniece. But for Spider-Man, he prefers a gentlemen's game and nothing beats driving a few golf balls. On the set of his first Marvel Cinematic Universe solo outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming, actor Tom Holland took a break between shots to show that he's just as good with a golf club as he is with a web shooter. Take a look below to see Tom Holland channeling his best Happy Gilmore on (post skate-stabbing incident, of course).

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Damn, Spidey's got game. Look at that form, what a swing. I've got to imagine spider strength helps to drive that ball but that swing was all Tom Holland. Pretty good considering this video was between takes and at night. I guess the visibility on Tom Holland's Spider-Man suit must not be too bad if he could see well enough to drive the ball at night like this. While a superhero costume may look just as goofy as some golf outfits on the green, it has to be way less comfortable. If it was a functional suit the Karen A.I. could have aided to calculate the perfect swing but without it, I'm assuming the suit is more hindrance than help.

In Tom Holland's Instagram video he asks followers to name the scene and this was one of the funnier parts in the movie. When running after the bad guys Peter Parker suddenly finds himself on a golf course with nothing to attach his webs to for swinging purposes. Spider-Man may be out of his element on a golf course but it is clear that Tom Holland is not. This is hardly the first time we have seen the new Spider-Man's athletic abilities. In the lead-up to Spider-Man: Homecoming the actor showed that he had the real acrobatic skills to believably pull off the web crawler. That's in addition to his rock climbing abilities and dance skills. So if you need some gym motivation for the New Year, here it is.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man will next be seen in May's Avengers: Infinity War. Judging by the trailer, he'll finally be getting his Spider Sense just in time to get choke-slammed to the ground by Thanos. That's going to be rough. There's no way that is good for your back and a bad back is going to really screw up his handicap. I don't know if Peter Parker has followed Tiger Woods' career, but a bad back will really mess up those superhero retirement golfing plans. So maybe stay in your lane and wait for help before taking on a giant alien. You can see how Spider-Man fares when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th. For all of the biggest movies swinging into theaters this year, check out our release schedule.

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