When Will Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Return To The MCU? Here’s His Thoughts

Sebastian Stan in Endgame
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe contains countless characters and story lines, but Bucky Barnes was one of the original heroes who populated Earth-616. Captain America’s best friend has become exceedingly popular, appearing in movies and TV shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But with a new roster of Marvel projects coming up without a hint of Bucky Barnes, can fans expect to see their favorite mechanical-armed hero return? Actor Sebastian Stan has an answer... kind of. 

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Sebastian Stan shared his thoughts on a possible return to the MCU as Bucky Barnes. Does he know whether or not it will come to pass? He said: 

I don't, I really don't. I haven't known that for ten plus years, I always am very happy when I get to live another day, hopefully before I get too old. We'll see, anything is possible.

It's not the answer fans may want to hear, but true nonetheless. Sebastian Stan has previously stated he doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to keep playing Bucky, and it appears that there’s no update on that front. Even so, fans don’t have to give up hope. While Sebastian Stan was unable to confirm Bucky’s involvement in the rest of Phase Four, that doesn’t mean the character won’t pop up again - he just may not know about it. 

Actors are usually in the loop when it comes to their upcoming projects, but that isn’t always the case with Marvel. The studio is notoriously tight-lipped about most of its endeavors, going so far as to immediately erase potential spoilers that cast members inadvertently let slip on social media. Marvel has also been known to keep plot details a secret from its actors, even when they’re meant to film a scene. Brie Larson had no idea who she was talking to when she shot Captain Marvel's mid-credits scene, and Anthony Mackie didn’t know he was in Avengers: Age of Ultron until the poster designs dropped. 

Normally Marvel’s Fort Knox-level of security can drive fans crazy, but in this scenario, it’s a blessing in disguise. If Marvel is planning to bring back Bucky Barnes for something like another season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it’s entirely possible that Sebastian Stan just isn’t in the loop yet. MCU storylines are planned out way in advance, which means that a guest appearance for Bucky is more likely than not. Even better, Stan is on board to continue his journey as the Winter Soldier. We’ll just have to wait and see if and when it ever comes to fruition. 

You can revisit Bucky Barnes’ journey from veteran to Winter Soldier with your Disney+ subscription. The platform hosts Sebastian Stan-centric tales like Captain America: Civil War and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier for all of your Bucky Barnes streaming needs. You can also check out more upcoming Marvel movies slated to flesh out Phase Four of the MCU. 

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