Morbius’ Jared Leto Is Teasing Spider-Man Crossovers, And I Can’t Wait

Jared Leto in Morbius
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It’s no secret that comic book movies are everywhere, with various studios starting their own cinematic universe. Sony is getting in on the fun with a franchise surrounding Spider-Man lore, starting with Venom and its sequel. Morbius will follow suit, and Jared Leto is teasing potential crossovers coming down the line. And I really can’t wait.

There are countless superhero projects coming down the line, with fans eager to see beloved characters paired on the big screen. This is especially true for Sony’s projects like Morbius and Kraven the Hunter, since they feature iconic Spider-Man villains. Jared Leto recently spoke to the concept of web-slinging crossovers, offering:

If you've seen the last Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, you know the multiverse has officially opened. There's all kinds of opportunities for villains to meet up and maybe nurture their more sinister intents.

I see what you did there, Leto. Not only is he confirming that there will be exciting Spider-Man crossovers in the future, but he also specifically teasing the formation of the Sinister Six. Considering how long fans have waited to see that villainous group form on the big screen, there’s likely going to be a strong reaction to this update.

Jared Leto’s comments to come his recent appearance at CCXP (Via Comic Book), and are sure inspire countless new fan theories. He specifically cited the limited footage from Spider-Man: No Way Home, which seems to confirm that the multiverse will be ripped open by Doctor Stragne’s spell gone wrong. So hopefully this means that we’ll get to see Morbius and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker on the big screen together sooner rather than later. We’ll keep our fingers (and fangs) crossed.

While Jared Leto is teasing upcoming big screen crossovers, first we’ll need to be introduced to his new character in Morbius. While fans aren’t expecting Tom Holland to pop up throughout that movie’s runtime, the trailers already revealed that Michal Keaton will be reprising his Spider-Man: Homecoming role as Adrian Toomes / Vulture. So Leto’s vampiric franchise is already going to be connected to events within the MCU.

As previously mentioned, the Venom movies marked Sony’s first installment in a burgeoning cinematic universe that focuses on Spider-Man lore. The mid-credits scene of Let There Be Carnage seemingly showed the multiverse coming into play, as Eddie Brock was miraculously transported into the same world as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. But exactly when we’ll see beloved characters including Morbius interacting with the web slinger remains to be seen.

While moviegoers are holding out hope for the Sinister Six to finally come together on the big screenm, Spider-Man: No Way Home will already feature a number of iconic villains from the previous two franchises. I have to wonder which of these rogues will ultimately survive the upcoming blockbuster, and therefore have the chance to return in a future installment. 

Morbius will hit theaters on January 20th, 2022, while Spider-Man: No Way Home will arrive first on December 17th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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