Ryan Reynolds Drops A Five-Word Response After Learning That Francis Ford Coppola Enjoyed Deadpool

While you wouldn’t think the crude, 4th wall breaking, and pop culture obsessed superhero Deadpool would be everyone’s cup of tea, you’d actually be hard pressed to find many people who don’t adore him. Much like his actor and real life counterpart Ryan Reynolds, the controversial humor of the character isn’t actually all that controversial, as people can’t really get enough of him. Apparently that goes for Francis Ford Coppola too, and Reynolds has pretty much the perfect five-word response to learning that The Godfather director is a fan of Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds is certainly used to praise, as he is coming off of a pretty awesome year, his films dominating both the box office and Netflix’s Top 10 list. I would imagine, though, that getting high praise from a figure like Francis Ford Coppola would be of the highest tier for someone in the film industry and pretty much a career high point. 

In a recent Tweet by the man himself, Ryan Reynolds appears to keep his cool when responding to the news that iconic director Francis Ford Coppola likes his work. You can check out the Tweet below, where Reynolds retweets the news, reworking the headline in a pretty perfect response:

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Ryan Reynolds is typically pretty sassy and good with his words. While this tweet is no different, you’ve got to admit that he is using the simplest and maybe even easiest response to fullest effect. Reynolds doesn’t even have to be crafty to come off as crafty, and it’s honestly pretty impressive.

After bearing witness to his lengthy faux feud with Hugh Jackman (and at times even his own wife), it’s refreshing to see him send out some major love to a prominent Hollywood figure. Of course, he’s always had great things to say about Betty White, but it’s nice to see him mixing it up with another icon. 

Obviously Deadpool isn’t what you would expect Francis Ford Coppola to be watching. He is known for iconic films like The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now, which might even make his praise for the comic book inspired film franchise even more special. When someone like Coppola gives out a compliment, there’s not much to say other than, “ditto,” and Ryan Reynolds did just that in the best way.

There’s good news for Deadpool fans, the mainstream ones and Francis Ford Coppola alike, as Deadpool 3 just took a massive step forward. Shawn Levy has been named the director for the highly anticipated third film, making it the third film between Levy and Ryan Reynolds as well. While it’s still a ways off and definitely won't be one of 2022's upcoming films, fans can rest easy knowing it’s moving forward in a great way. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a Godfather reference in the film now that Coppola has expressed his love for the franchise.

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