Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds After He Says He’s Taking An Acting ‘Sabbatical’

Despite the pandemic still looming, Ryan Reynolds has had one hell of a year. He's seen the release of The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife and Free Guy's box office domination not long after. Over the past year or so, he's also finished filming up projects like Netflix’s Red Notice and The Adam Project alongside some major Hollywood names. Most recently, he wrapped on the holiday comedy, Spirited, in which he stars opposite Will Ferrell, and celebrated by announcing a much deserved acting sabbatical. While Reynolds’ faux arch nemesis Hugh Jackman seems supportive of the decision to take a break, Blake Lively didn't miss the opportunity to troll her husband on social media

Ryan Reynolds has been pretty open about his new found friendship with Will Ferrell, and it’s all thanks to their matchup. With filming having wrapped, Reynolds shared a pretty touching message about his (rather cramped) experience on set with Ferrell and Octavia Spencer. It was in this most recent Instagram post that the Deadpool star made known his desire to take an acting break. In Reynolds family fashion, Blake Lively has the perfectly worded jab for her husband in response to the news:

Michael Caine did it first.

Ouch, looks like there really is no letting up on the constant stream of digs going on in the Reynolds/Lively house. Of course, it does seem to be all fun and games between the two lovebirds, and their relationship is one that many who are fluent in sarcasm would strive for. 

Blake Lively’s quick comment is directed at the fact that Michael Caine very recently seemed to announce his retirement from acting at the impressive age of 88, following his role in Chrisopher Nolan’s Tenet. While it turns out Caine may not really be ready to hang it up just yet, Lively still made sure everyone knows that her husband is sharing that limelight with another actor who is (at the very least) taking a little break. With a career as full as Caine's, though, Reynolds probably doesn’t mind sharing the timing with the Dark Knight actor. 

It’s worth noting that the Age of Adaline star isn’t the only ball buster commenting on the post. Hugh Jackman came in with a one-word comment of “IN!”, seemingly either showing some love or humorously just confirming that he’s down for not seeing his frenemy on screen for a while.

Even though Ryan Reynolds is giving it a little bit of a rest, fans are certainly not going to be left in lurch when it comes to his projects. Red Notice, which also stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, is set to hit Netflix on November 12. And hile we probably won't see the Reynolds/Will Ferrell team up until next year, there are sure to be some witty exchanges between the, Blake Lively, and even Hugh Jackman to keep fans entertained in the interim.

Carlie Hoke
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