Someone Crowdsurfed Their Baby To Dwayne Johnson At A Black Adam Event, And There's Video

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
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Dwayne Johnson is a level of celebrity that transcends being a mere movie star. While he recently announced he’s not currently considering a run for President of the United States, the fact that such an idea for Johnson was even raised shows just what level of fame he truly has. It’s also the level of fame where people want him to hold their babies, and are willing to crowdsurf their infants to make it happen.

The Rock was recently in Mexico promoting the release of Black Adam when the father of a baby in the crowd wanted the star to hold the child. Since he wasn’t standing next to Johnson, he had to pass the child over the head of several people , and the kid ends up crowdsurfing her way to The Rock’s arms. The Rock shared the video to Instagram. Check it out. 

The image is equal parts sweet and bizarre. Dwayne Johnson is clearly cool with it. He’s got a big smile on his face and takes the kid in his arms warmly. The crowd also loves it as you can hear them get louder when he picks up the kid. We know The Rock is good with kids as we've seen him with his own.

It certainly shows a great deal of trust not only in Dwayne Johnson, but in all the other people in the event, that this father was willing to just let his kid go and get carried by a bunch of strangers. The worst case scenario here could have been bad. While I’d be more than willing to let Dwayne Johnson hold my baby if he were so inclined, I’m not sure I’d be willing to crowdsurf the kid across strangers to make that happen.

Possibly the wildest part of the whole exchange is Johnson’s comment in the attached post that he was not surprised to be handed an actual baby by somebody in this crowd. He’s used to seeing people have such emotional reactions to him and to have them hand him things. While Johnson says he initially thought this kid was a doll, and she is quite young, and therefore small, so it’s not hard to make that mistake. However, it’s all the more reason that letting the kid go crowd surfing is a bit extreme.

But having his daughter held by The Rock was clearly a big deal to the dad. In a few years, the kid will able to look at this video and herself in the arms of Dwayne Johnson, and even if Johnson isn’t the biggest star in the world at that point, (he probably still will be) he’ll still be big enough for the kid to understand what a moment this was. And it was for Dwayne Johnson too. 

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