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Samuel L. Jackson Explains Why Spider-Man: No Way Home Should Have Gotten Oscar Nominations

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Well, it looks like one of the actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not so happy about the 2022 Oscar nominations. At least, he mainly seems unhappy that Spider-Man: No Way Home did not get nominated for Best Picture, instead only nabbing a nod for Best Visual Effects. Samuel L. Jackson, known for playing Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, has expressed his own feelings about Spider-Man No Way Home not being one of this year's Best Picture nominees (which can be watched ahead of the Academy Awards).

ET caught up with the Marvel star about how he feels about this year’s Oscar nominations. He had no problem expressing his candid opinion that the most popular movie of the year should be considered for Best Picture at least. Jackson explains that he feels the movie that makes the most money deserves the highest honor at the ceremony.

The movie that made the most money that year should get an Oscar. That’s what the Oscars are about, celebrating the popularity of movies. And the movie that made the most money was the most popular movie so they should get an Oscar.

With the ongoing pandemic keeping moviegoers away from the theaters, Spider-Man: No Way Home helped bring movie fans everywhere back. This third film in the trilogy of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man reached a milestone, recently of topping Avatar at the box office! Avatar was considered the third highest-grossing domestic movie of all time, making $749.766 million in the United States and Canada. That is until February 14th when Spider-Man: No Way Home knocked James Cameron’s masterpiece into fourth place with a box office value of $760.988 million. So, it's made a lot of money.

While the Marvel star was disappointed about this Oscar snub, two of the Spider-Men from the box office hit actually felt impartial to the news. This year’s Best Actor nominee Andrew Garfield reacted to Spider-Man: No Way Home’s snub as feeling proud to be a part of the film that brought moviegoers back to the theaters. Tom Holland felt fine about Spider-Man: No Way Home not receiving a Best Picture nomination, as well, as he felt that the love from the general public was more important. 

The silver lining we can take away from this is that Spider-Man: No Way Home can still score at the Oscar Fan-Favorite Competition. This is the chance for fans to vote on Twitter for your favorite movie and cinematic moments from 2021. While Spider-Man: No Way Home did not receive the Oscar love many of us were hoping for, we can still hope the film will walk away with Best Visual Effects and fingers crossed for some fan-favorite Twitter love.

You can also set your DVR to The 94th Academy Awards which airs on Sunday, March 27th on ABC.

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