Stephen Amell Channels Green Arrow Once More For Hilarious TikTok Duet

Stephen Amell on Arrow
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The lead actor from The CW's Green Arrow is adding to one of the latest viral TikTok trends. Stephen Amell, who played Oliver Queen for eight seasons on Arrow, found a cool way to channel the character for a new viral duet. And quite frankly, it’s making me think about the superhero show's bittersweet conclusion yet again. 

A number of TikTok users have taken to duetting a video that shows social media user Katey Bridges accidentally hitting her bedpost. And if that weren't enough, Bridges also lets out a short, but funny, yelp after the bump. Up until now, users have mostly dubbed over the humorous moment with songs, but Stephen Amell cheekily used it to say one of Oliver Queen's most memorable lines from Arrow:


♬ original sound - Kate 💥

Of all of the videos I've seen result from this new trend, this one might be my favorite. It’s been over two years since the inaugural Arrowverse show finished its run, so it’s nice to see its leading man donning a hood and an (invisible) arrow for fun. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Green Arrow probably didn't make TikToks, though I'm certainly grateful that the actor is.

Stephen Amell has been showing quite a bit of love to his former character on social media as of late. The actor previously shared a throwback stunt video showing the early days of the CW show. He made it clear that he could still do his share of stunts, and one can't help but get the idea that he does miss those days. While on vacation in January, Amell also posted about wishing he could be as agile as Oliver, after injuring himself multiple times. (Truth be told, I wouldn't mind having Queen's sweet skills myself.)

Between his Oliver Queen tributes, his support for his superhero friends like Jensen Ackles, and more, the actor has shared some heroic quality online. While it’s unlikely that we'll actually ever see him suit up on the Arrowverse shows again, considering he did sacrifice himself, I'll definitely take sweet and funny posts any day of the week.

When he's not having fun on the web, though, Stephen Amell is focused on his current series. The actor is preparing for the second season of the Starz wrestling dramedy Heels. The show, just like Arrow, requires rigorous training and, based on the shirtless shots of Amell that we've seen, the work is paying off. He may not have the exact same physique from his Arrow days, but his big guns are still plenty impressive.

Fingers crossed that Stephen Amell will keep using social media to keep Oliver Queen and Arrow alive, especially since Green Arrow and the Canaries is not moving forward on The CW. It would certainly give me a good reason to check out TikTok on the daily!

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