Suicide Squad Alum Jay Hernandez Shares Thoughts On The Ayer Cut Potentially Being Released

Jay Hernandez in Suicide Squad
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The DC Extended Universe is a fascinating place, with DC movies that have captivated the public with drama both on and off screen. David Ayer’s 2017 blockbuster Suicide Squad is definitely in that category, as the filmmaker has been open about how the studio interfered with his vision. Fans have been hoping to see the Ayer Cut be released to the masses after Zack Snyder’s Justice League was finally completed and put on HBO Max. Now Suicide Squad alum Jay Hernandez has shared his thoughts about the Ayer Cut potentially being released.

Bad Moms actor Jay Hernandez made his DCEU debut in Suicide Squad’s theatrical cut. He played El Diablo, who had a tragic story and ended up being one of the most powerful members of Task Force X. He was there to shoot the myriad scenes that were ultimately scrapped, and was recently asked by TV Line about what he thought about the Ayer Cut campaign. Hernandez responded honestly, saying:

Honestly, I think it will [one day get released]. And I’m a big fan of it happening. I hope it does. I’ve talked to [costars] Joel [Kinnaman] and Jared [Leto], everybody wants to see it. Everybody that I’ve talked to wants to see it. And I think Ayer wants it to be put out there, so it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Well, there you have it. It looks like Jay Hernandez is on board to see The Ayer Cut actually be completed and released for the masses. While it’s unclear if Warner Bros. will ever actually make this happen, it’s no doubt thrilling for fans to see so much of the cast in favor of it. Now give El Diablo what he wants!

In the years since Suicide Squad was released in theaters, filmmaker David Ayer has shared glimpses of some of the footage that was ultimately left on the cutting room floor at the behest of the studio. When the Snyder Cut actually became a reality, some fans began campaigning that Ayer should be given the same treatment. But for their part, Warner Bros. doesn’t seem all that interested.

Later in his same interview, Jay Hernandez went on to share how curious he is about what Suicide Squad would have looked if David Ayer was given full creative control of the blockbuster. He cited the Snyder Cut’s original streaming release, saying:

Put it on HBO Max or whatever, and the audience gets to see what the director’s original vision was. At the end of the day, I just want to see it.

Same, though. Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a much different movie than the one that was released in theaters back in 2017. And smart money says Suicide Squad would be similarly changed if David Ayer was given his way. We’ll just have to see if he’s ever given the chance.

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