Testimony At Amber Heard And Johnny Depp’s Trial Revealed Aquaman 2’s Main Story

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been facing off in court for weeks now, with both actors taking the stand and alleging abuse by the other. While the majority of the time in court has been about the former couple’s tumultuous relationship, there’s also been some tidbits about Heard’s upcoming role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. And testimony at Heard and Depp’s trial has seemingly revealed Aquaman 2’s main story.

Amber Heard made her DCEU debut as Mera in Justice League, before reprising her character in a significant role in James Wan’s Aquaman. Her time as the character came up a number of times throughout the defamation trial, where it was revealed that her role in James Wan’s upcoming sequel will seemingly be pared down. DC Films head Walter Hamada testified in the ongoing trial, where he revealed the main plot line of The Lost Kingdom. As he put it,

The movie was always pitched as a buddy comedy between Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson.

Well, that’s definitely exciting. The cast and crew have been keeping the contents of Aquaman 2 under wraps, especially as the movie (and other upcoming DC projects) recently faced a delay. But it sounds like James Wan’s sophomore effort in the DCEU will be largely focused on the relationship between Jason Momoa’s title character and Patrick Wilson’s Orm. We’ll just have to see what type of underwater drama follows.

This comment from Walter Hamada is the most information that we’ve gotten about the contents of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The superhero genre is known for its tight security, so it makes sense that James Wan and company would want to keep their cards close to the chest. Just how much we’ll see of Amber Heard’s Mera remains a mystery, but rumors indicate that she might be largely out of the comic book action.

At the end of the first Aquaman movie, Jason Momoa’s hero and his allies managed to defeat Orm’s forces before they could start an all-out war with the surface. Athur and his brother had one final battle, with Patrick Wilson’s antagonist being sent to Atlantean prison for his actions. It should be interesting to see how the two characters' relationship changes in The Lost Kingdom, especially if they’re being paired like a buddy comedy set in the DCEU.

As previously mentioned, Amber Heard’s role as Aquaman’s Mera has come up a number of times throughout the defamation trial. While Depp’s team alleges that he helped get her the role, it was also revealed that she was almost fired from the gig due to a lack of chemistry with Jason Momoa. We’ll just have to wait and see how much screen time Heard gets when the mysterious sequel finally hits theaters.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently expected to arrive in theaters on March 17th, 2023. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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