Why Legends Of Tomorrow’s Beebo Voice Actor Originally Thought The Christmas Special Was A Joke

Beebo in Beebo Saves Christmas.
(Image credit: The CW)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will always stand out among the Arrowverse shows for just how far out of the superhero box it will go. Just like the characters, the show itself is a misfit amongst the more conventional comic book series, and the series has also provided fans with some pretty iconic moments unlike anything else on TV. And some of those most memorable moments involve none other than Beebo.

A furry, blue toy, Beebo is as huggable and lovable as Elmo, though Beebo was actually at one point a god on Legends of Tomorrow. He’s been used to end supervillains and almost ended our favorite heroes. However, he still remains a favorite in the fandom and The CW gave fans an early Christmas present with an animated Christmas special centered on him and his love of the holidays.

Beebo Saves Christmas is indeed an actual Christmas special on The CW, and not something that even Legends fans expecting the unexpected could have seen coming. Beebo’s own voice actor Ben Diskin told Give Me My Remote why he couldn’t believe it at first:

Oh, I found out about this, at this point, probably close to a year ago, when we actually were going to record it. I kind of thought it was a joke. Like, oh, maybe it’s some sort of thing that they’re gonna put on YouTube, and it’ll be two minutes; it’s just gonna be like Beebo wishing people a Merry Christmas. And it was like, ‘No, by the way, there are songs for this.. It’s gonna be like about an hour or so.’ And I’m like, ‘What? How did you take a character that says, ‘I la-la-love you’ and turn it into a show?’ Turns out it’s real and we’re making it! [Laughs.]

In all honesty, it was just a matter of time before The CW created something involving strictly Beebo and his blue, fluffy cuteness. However, fans are still hoping for an actual Beebo toy that they can take home with them and love and hug for the holidays. The stuffed toy has become such a staple on Legends that it’s been used in main posters and even on Comic-Con bags, so hopefully a real toy is next.

Meanwhile, Legends of Tomorrow is on its hiatus following a shocking cliffhanger in the midseason finale. It was revealed that the Legends everyone has been watching are being followed by other Legends, and it’s hard to tell who are the real ones and who are the doppelgangers. The series won’t be returning until 2022, so fans have plenty of time to theorize and predict just what could possibly be happening.

Hopefully a Beebo Christmas special will become an annual thing, whether it’s on TV or just online because one can never get enough of that fluffy blue creature. For when Legends of Tomorrow and other shows will return in the new year, be sure to check out our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule!

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