Daniel Radcliffe Shows Off His Fully Ripped Figure, And Of Course Fans Have All The Wolverine Casting Comments

Daniel Radcliffe on the Harry Potter 20th anniversary: Return to Hogwarts.
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Daniel Radcliffe’s career has been chugging right along since he finished up his stint as the titular character in the Harry Potter franchise over a decade ago. Films like Swiss Army Man, Horns and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Despite the variety of roles he’s taken on, there’s still one that’s eluded him – that of a superhero. There was a considerable amount of buzz around that idea in 2022 when he was rumored to be playing Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The hype eventually dimmed but, now, a recent look at Radcliffe’s ripped physique has fans sharing all the X-Men casting comments. 

The 34-year-old actor is one of the lead actors on the anthology comedy series, Miracle Workers, which just wrapped up its fourth season. Its closing installment featured a battle that saw the star’s character, Sid, go absolutely bonkers. The post-apocalyptic survivor went absolutely nuts on a number of villains. But that madness aside, what really seemed to grab viewers’ attention were the sight of the Imperium alum’s body, which was looking sharp. One X user took to the platform to share a simple thought on the matter: 

One theoretical box that can certainly be checked off here is “Is he physically fit for a superhero role?” Let’s face it, the man has seriously been putting in work (and I may or may not be slightly jealous of those abs.) Considering the muscles and unhinged performance, it’s not hard to see why so many would love to see him take on the role of Wolverine. Another fan on X believes the wild sequence from the comedy series (which is streamable with a Max subscription) served as a testing ground: 

After seeing Daniel Radcliffe go feral and hump a robot's corpse in Miracle Workers, he is the only logical choice for an MCU Wolverine.

Daniel Radcliffe himself responded to the Wolvie rumors last year and denied that he was in contention for the part. While he appreciated the fan castings, he admitted that he just can’t see Marvel “going from Hugh Jackman to me afterwards.” It’s abundantly clear, though, that fans feel the opposite and want to see him don the adamantium claws just like Jackman. Check out the comparison pic below:

The MCU rumors became so strong in 2022 that even Sandra Bullock provided a funny take on the situation. Bullock, who worked with the former child actor in The Lost City, hilariously asked that the producers at Marvel “stop tiptoeing around” and “just fucking cast” her co-star as the famous mutant. Another fan on X – a user known as @ChecKtheCircuiT – would probably agree with the Oscar winner. They detailed their own endorsement of the Jungle star playing Logan: 

Daniel RADCLIFFE should definitely get a screen test for WOLVERINE. I really believe he could do it and give an AMAZING performance that would thrill and satisfy comic fans, new and old(er)😁. MARVEL Comics' X-MEN

Funny enough, the actor doesn’t even believe the X-Man is the Marvel character he’s the best equipped for. He actually believes he’d be a “natural fit” for Spider-Man. Of course, Tom Holland has that role locked down at the moment. However, it’s still fun to think about how the Victor Frankenstein alum would portray the web-slinger, and the same goes for the clawed mutant. 

The MCU will eventually introduce a new take on the X-Men at some point, which means Daniel Radcliffe still could get a call at some point. More immediately though, Hugh Jackman is returning to the role of Wolverine for Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool 3 – and he’ll be wearing the classic yellow costume. Fans are definitely eager to see Jackman back in the saddle, but it seems many are simultaneously hoping Radcliffe gets his shot. We’ll just have to wait and see if that happens and if his A+ work in Miracle Workers factors into any potential consideration on Marvel Studios’ part.

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