Zachary Levi's Pfizer Tweets Have Some DC Fans Wondering If He's Sabotaging Shazam On Purpose

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Social media has become a place where anybody and everybody can put themselves out into the world. Unfortunately, sometimes what people put out there isn’t always what they’re looking for, and some serious blowback can result. Over the weekend Zachary Levi received a lot of negative responses to a tweet about pharmaceutical company Pfizer that may be indicating he has an anti-vax stance, but the wildest thing may be that some are suggesting he’s brought this flack onto himself on purpose.

It’s not that surprising that an apparent anti-vaccine stance would result in those on the opposite side being critical of Zachary Levi, but it’s perhaps so unsurprising that some on Twitter are wondering if the tweet wasn’t a very calculated decision by Levi. The idea here is that, with the massive shake-up at DC that we know is coming, Levi may be aware, or strongly suggest, that the Shazam! franchise will be over for him once the new movie is out, so he’s trying to crash the movie on purpose.

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Possibly because Levi thinks, or knows, he’s out as Shazam!, or possibly because the belief is that the movie itself is just bad, the theory here is that Levi is attempting to either cause the movie to do poorly or create a justifiable reason that the movie will do poorly. Needless to say, this is quite the theory, but it seems there are multiple people that believe it.

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At this point, we don’t really know what the fate of Zachary Levi is going forward with DC, but most of the names that have been part of DC’s previous projects seem to be out or on indefinite hold. We know Henry Cavill won’t be Superman again. Gal Gadot’s future as Wonder Woman seems unlikely, and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam we know we won’t be seeing again soon, if ever.

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That last point might actually be the most telling. While Dwayne Johnson had been building up a potential future between Black Adam and Superman, the character has always been an antagonist for Shazam in the comics, and we’ve expected the two to do battle at some point. But knowing that Black Adam won’t be in the first phase of upcoming DC movies, it’s possible that means that Zachary Levi’s Shazam is in the same boat. 

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James Gunn has said we would get DC news in January, and the month is very nearly over. It’s possible that we’ll know what’s going on with Levi and Shazam very soon before the sequel hits theaters. Even if Levi is done, that doesn’t mean he’s trying to kill the movie on purpose. 

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