Super Bowl commercials are always memorable, but this year there were 10 commercials that stood out from the rest and will likely get continued airplay in the weeks to come. TiVo courteously kept track of the biggest Super Bowl commercial moments and revealed which ones made us laugh, which ones weirded us out and which ones we couldn’t tear our eyes away from the screen during. You can check out the most memorable Super Bowl 50 commercials, below.

10. Prius "Prius 4"
This Prius commercial is classic, not only because it’s trying to change the image of the Prius as a car that’s not super fast/super easy to handle to one that is deft and fun to drive, but also because actors from The Wire show up. Chris Bauer, Pablo Schreiber, and James Ransone reunite only to rob a bank and steal a Prius in order to evade the police. It’s a classic car commercial, made better if you were a fan of the HBO series back in the day.

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