People get extremely nostalgic when it comes to their entertainment preferences, and the 1990s offered up explosions of creativity across all media. We still watch movies from that decade, we still listen to music from that decade, and we are apparently Googling the hell out of TV shows from that decade.

Here are the 10 shows from the ‘90s that have been searched for the most on Google since 2004, according to research put together by ItsGr9. There’s a good chance you’ve searched for several of the series here, possibly just before you decided to read this story (and thank you for that), but you can still expect a couple of double take-worthy surprises. Let’s start with one of Sunnydale’s finest.

buffy the vampire slayer
10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The rare remake that overshadowed its successor to the point of irrelevance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains a hallmark of teen-based fiction, with a mythology that stretches across many seasons and beyond to spinoff Angel. (And even further if you’re keeping up with tie-in novels and comics.) The later careers of the ensemble cast are more reasons why Buffy remains popular, and new generations of viewers will likely always keep the show’s online presence noteworthy. Plus, there are tons of people out there that will never stop hoping for a reunion, no matter what anyone says.

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