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The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who won the Veto, whether or not it was used, and some other things going on in the Big Brother house, so if you're trying not to get spoiled, turn back now!

Ok, moving on. Just to recap the power roles in the house...

Head of Household - Paulie

Pre-Veto nominations - Paul and Bronte

Roadkill Winner - Victor

Roadkill nomination - Tiffany

Veto winner - Paulie

Saved by the Veto - Paul

Nominated at Veto ceremony - Victor

On the Block for eviction night: Victor, Tiffany, Bronte

Probably going home on Thursday: Victor

As of right now, Victor's a figurative dead man walking. It's to the point where I'm barely hearing his name come up in game conversations, which strongly suggests that people have already moved on from Victor's eviction, despite the fact that he's still in the house. So, unless Tiffany or Bronte's social games completely collapse between now and Thursday night, it seems likely that Victor will be sent packing, after which things may get really interesting.

I mentioned in my last feed update that it's seemed like Frank was actually trying to plan ahead this season, which was different from his Season 14's fly-by-the-seat style of maneuvering through the game after his mentor, Boogie, was evicted. Well, Frank is trying to stay ahead of the curve this season, but it may have already caught up with him, as people seem to be exchanging notes and figuring out that he's not nearly as on board with whatever deals he has with people as he's playing off.

I saw James and Nicole exchanging some notes about Frank in the storage room, which suggested both have their doubts about his loyalties. They seem to be aware that he's talking game to a lot of people, and not all of them are in the 8-Pack. Meanwhile, Paulie had a very interesting conversation with Zakiyah last night, which included Paulie scheming about getting Frank's biggest supporters out so as to make him weaker. That would likely be Michelle and Bridgette. Paulie sees the value in eliminating people who would vote to keep Frank before targeting him directly.

So, while Bronte's and Tiffany's names have been thrown out there as possible targets in the near future, it seems like the house is mostly-collectively warming up to the idea of getting Frank out sooner rather than later, which may be bad news for the people closest to Frank.

Of course, Frank proved he's not an easy person to evict back in Season 14. Between the powers that be (and their conveniently timed big button), and his competition wins, it took a while and some effort on the part of the house to send him packing. Paulie may be on the right track in suggesting that they don't attack Frank directly, but target his closest allies first. And whether they realize it or not, given that we know that someone will be coming back in a couple of weeks, they might be better off saving Frank's eviction until after the Battle Back twist plays out.

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