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The Flash raised its stakes almost impossibly high in the Season 2 finale when Barry raced back in time to stop his mom's murder and kick off a Flashpoint story. The possibilities are now endless for what DC characters could appear in the twisted new timeline Barry has officially created. Now, rumor has it that one of those DC characters could be huge. The Atlantean king Aquaman could turn up as part of the Flashpoint story of The Flash Season 3.

Fans of The Flash will catch a look at Aquaman in the Flashpoint story in Season 3, according to a rumor from The Aquaman Shrine. The rumor has been connected to San Diego Comic-Con, which certainly would be a logical source for spoilers about the future of DC Comics characters. The story is unconfirmed at this point, although The Aquaman Shrine has certainly guaranteed that folks will now be wondering. For the time being, we can only consider whether or not we should bet on Aquaman on The CW.

On the one hand, the DC shows on The CW have been able to incorporate significant comics characters over the years, but Aquaman seems like one that would be off-limits to the network. Aside from the Flash himself, the shows in The CW's DC universe have only showcased characters that aren't connected to the DC Extended Universe. Arrow even lost characters from its original Suicide Squad once the Suicide Squad movie went into development. Aquaman will be one of the main characters of the upcoming Justice League movies, with Jason Momoa tackling the role. He already showed up for a cameo in Batman v. Superman. The DCEU Aquaman exists on the big screen, and it's hard to imagine a version of him playing a major role on The CW.

On the other hand, there are ways that it could work for Aquaman to join The Flash without touching the DCEU in the slightest. The Flashpoint comics story incorporated Aquaman in a big way thanks to his war against Wonder Woman that pretty much destroyed the world, so he'd be an important figure if he showed up in a similar role on The Flash.

Given all the changes in play thanks to Barry kicking off Flashpoint, the Aquaman of The Flash wouldn't necessarily even need to be the same Atlantean as the one who traditionally takes the Aquaman title. He wouldn't be a character who would need to stick around after the end of Flashpoint on The Flash. Barry is more likely to deal with the effects of his actions closer to home (and on a CW budget); a war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman could be a distant battle that only requires a look or two at the conflict. Craziness is bound to ensue with Flashpoint; who's to say that it's impossible for a version of Aquaman to drop into the action in some way?

The Flash has teased a possible Aquaman in the past, ranging from a deleted scene in the pilot to mentioning Atlantis as a vacation spot on Earth 2. A Flash version of Aquaman isn't the most likely plot twist in the world, but there is a precedent for the character existing in Barry Allen's universe.

Only time will tell if the Aquaman rumor for Season 3 of The Flash is accurate. Check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 3 for a look at what has been confirmed, and take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule to see what else you can watch on the small screen in the not-too-distant future.

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