Will The Defenders Add Hellcat To The Team? Here's What We Know

Marvel's Defenders universe continues to expand, and slowly but surely we've begun to meet new heroes aside from the ones who receive top billing on each of the four main Netflix series. One such character is none other than Trish Walker, but after one whole season of Jessica Jones we have yet to see the alcoholic detective's best friend take up her comic book identity of Hellcat. However, a new video of actress Rachael Taylor has us wondering if Hellcat could debut in Hell's Kitchen far earlier than expected, possibly even as soon as The Defenders. Check it out below to see for yourself.

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Rachael Taylor posted the above video to her Instagram profile earlier today, and it has many fans of the Marvel Defenders universe wondering if we could see her kicking some serious ass as Hellcat when The Defenders finally premieres next year. The general rationale for this assumption seems to stem from the fact that the second season of Jessica Jones won't premiere until well after Luke Cage, or Iron Fist, or even The Defenders have all finally debuted. If Rachael Taylor's training is for the second season of Jessica Jones, then she's getting a serious head start on the fitness regimen; chronologically The Defenders would make more sense.

This theory seems further compounded by the fact that this isn't just a standard workout video posted to Instagram. Rachael Taylor's caption on the post specifically mentions Netflix as well as her home series of Jessica Jones, meaning this particular session of boxing training will find itself applied to her character.

Of course, none of this provides any sort of guarantee that Trish Walker will specifically debut as Hellcat. Trish Walker has already proven herself as an incredibly physical and capable hand-to-hand combatant during the first season of Jessica Jones -- particularly against the drug-addled Nuke -- and Rachael Taylor's training could simply be for more action sequences as Trish, and not Hellcat. That being said, the first season of Jessica Jones laid some pretty thorough groundwork for the eventual debut of the heroine, and as such it would seem like a waste for Marvel and Netflix not to use her in the very near future.

At this point it remains unclear whether or not Hellcat will debut when The Defenders finally premieres. If she doesn't then we can likely assume that she will at least pop up when Jessica Jones finally returns. The Defenders will debut in 2017, and Marvel has not confirmed a release date for the second season of Jessica Jones.

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