Spider-Gwen Is Coming To TV For The First Time, Here's What To Expect


We're just under a year away from getting our third version of the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man on the big screen, but there are still so many other characters from that universe that have yet to get lifted from the pages of a comic book. Recent fan favorite Spider-Gwen won't be on that list for much longer, as the alternate Earth heroine will make her way to TV for the first time in an upcoming episode of Unlimited Spider-Man on Disney XD. And she is far from the only exciting face that will show up.

Season 4 of the hit animated series, currently called Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six, has been pretty solid so far, and it will end on a four-episode arc whose title, "Return to the Spider-Verse," will be familiar to comic fans. The multi-title storyline is where Spider-Gwen originated, as the alt-world's Gwen Stacy was the one bitten by the radioactive spider, and the instantly popular character was granted her own standalone series not long after. TV viewers will get to see her arrive in the fourth entry, which will presumably be the season finale, so it will hopefully be quite the meaningful appearance.

The quippy and intelligent Spider-Gwen will be voiced for the first time by Disney regular Dove Cameron. The young actress plays both of the lead characters in the network's Liv and Maddie, and has also been in the TV movies Cloud 9, Descendants and the latter's upcoming sequel. She'll also be seen in NBC's Hairspray Live!.

"Spider-Verse" was an ambitious storyline that brought in every Spider-Hero that has ever been introduced, and Ultimate Spider-Man isn't backing down from that challenge, as the four episodes will be filled with a wide variety arachnid-inspired offshoots. According to IGN, Miles Morales will be mixing it up with Blood Spider (Ben Diskin) and Wolf Spider (former Animated Spider-Man lead Christopher Daniel Barnes) in the first installment, while the second will bring in Web Beard (Will Friedle) and Spider Cowboy Webslinger (Troy Baker), as well as Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy voice actor Trevor Devall) and Howard the Duck, who will be voiced by Seth Green, who voiced the character in that Guardians post-credits scene. The third episode will bring back Milo Ventimiglia as Spider-Man Noir.

That's one hell of a line-up for the popular animated series, but I seriously doubt anyone in that group will have fans more excited than the TV debut of Spider-Gwen. Almost immediately after readers got into her comic series, talks started about her getting her own movie, with Emma Stone as a bit of dream casting. With any luck, this appearance will make such an impact that Spider-Gwen can return in the future, or even better, get her own series. Her own live-action series. On Netflix. Just saying.

Ultimate Spider-Man will kick off its "Return to the Spider-Verse" arc on Disney XD on Saturday, August 27, while Spider-Gwen's appearance will come during the finale, which will air on Saturday, September 17. To see everything else coming to TV later this year, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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