How Supergirl Season 2 Will Be Like Empire Strikes Back, According To The EP


With Season One and a quick move to the CW behind it, Supergirl is looking to turn some heads for Season 2. With the addition of Superman and host of other comic book characters making their debut, Supergirl certainly doesn't seem to be pulling any punches. Whenever a TV show or movie looks to be bigger and better than ever, then you know a comparison to Empire Strikes Back is right around the corner. That's exactly the case now because Andrew Kreisberg has compared Supergirl's second season to the famed Star Wars sequel.

During an interview with Collider, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was asked what he felt they could do in Season 2 that couldn't happen in Season One. Kreisberg compared the season to Empire Strikes Back, but not in the way most people usually do. Things aren't getting darker; they're just getting deeper.

In a way, it's almost like a sequel, and I don't mean that in terms of it being dark. When you look at Empire Strikes Back compared to Star Wars, because you'd already introduced the characters and gotten that out of the way, you were able to go deeper with the characters and have more introspection, and watch them grow and learn. In some ways, the show is a little bit more comic book-y, with the addition of Superman and some of the things we're trying, but it's also gotten richer, with some of the characters and what they'll be exploring this season.

Empire Strikes Back was a sequel that essentially threw the kids gloves off and got to work on fleshing out the world and characters. Some filmmakers can be a little quick to compare their own sequels to the darkness of that film, but Kreisberg might be right on the money. Supergirl is certainly not known for being overly moody, and is in fact celebrated for its optimistic outlook. The characters seem to be what people like most about the show, so giving some of them deeper focus certainly seems like it could be the right call. Now that Supergirl is officially a part of the Arrowverse, it'll be interesting to see how it gets more "comic book-y."

If Supergirl is aiming for an Empire-ish feel then it isn't wasting its time. The second season looks to be filled with new content and characters to push the story forward. Miss Martian will be joining the series, as well as Christopher Woods' Mon-El - the being inside the Kryptonian pod from the Season One finale - and Linda Carter's President of the United States. Of, course we can't forget Superman, who will be played by Tyler Hoechlin.

Supergirl Season Two is set to premiere on Monday, October 10 at 8 PM on the CW.

Matt Wood

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