Watch McDreamy And More Of Your Favorite TV Doctors Assemble For An Awesome Commercial

There have been dozens and dozens of medical shows to hit the airwaves over the years and even more actors have portrayed doctor characters. "I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV" is their battle cry, and they know how to pronounce the names of some crazy diseases (but not how to identify or treat them). Now, some of the most notable TV doctors from broadcast history are teaming up for a good cause. Check out this commercial teaming up big shots like Patrick Dempsey with some other familiar faces in this hilarious health awareness video.

Cigna, a health insurance company, has released this video as part of an ad campaign in order to promote annual check-ups and visits with your doctor. Helping them out are some familiar faces to TV fans. It's veritable who's who of TV doctors. First up is Patrick Dempsey returning to scrubs after a bit of a tense exit from Grey's Anatomy where he played Dr. Derek Shepherd AKA McDreamy. Accompanying him is TV doctor legend Alan Alda, who earned his scrubs playing Hawkeye on MASH. The two open the commercial doing a bit of surgery before Alda removes his mask and reveals he has no idea what he's doing. Dempsey chimes in with "I never went to college."

Donald Faison proves that he's no Turk. "And if I had to watch an actual surgery, I'd probably faint," he reveals before screaming in that Turk way at the sight of a bandaged patient. It doesn't seem right seeing Faison there without his Scrubs co-star Zach Braff, but Cigna probably doesn't pay that Zach Braff money. Then ER alum Noah Wyle comes along to look the part and give the old raised eyebrow expression. Finally, Lisa Edelstein completed the group, showing off her knowledge as Cuddy from House to question if an X-ray of a spine was actually that of a foot.

The group of TV doctors finally converged to urge everyone to make annual visits to their doctor, before Alda called for some doctor poses. None of these people play doctors anymore, but they were still able to cross their arms and look stern...except for Dempsey who had a little trouble finding just the right pose. Maybe he was just a little bit rusty.

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This commercial was pretty awesome, so hopefully there's more on the way. In the meantime go see your doctor! Or, at the very least, put on some episodes of MASH.

Matt Wood

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