Apparently The Full House Home Is Available For Rent, But It's Not Cheap

john stamos fuller house home

A couple of months ago, we learned the real house that the Full House and Fuller House set is based on in San Francisco was for sale. However, at the time, we also learned it was a veritable tourist attraction in the California city. People flocked around the home, taking pictures and even occasionally knocking on the door. Now, a few months later, the home is no longer for sale. Instead, the owners are taking a different tact, choosing to rent out the home to fans of the Tanner clan and anyone else who might be interested. The catch? It's going to cost a pretty penny. Several, in fact.

News broke this week that the Full House home in San Francisco can now be rented for a whopping $13,950 a month. So, what does that costly rent get you? Quite a bit for San Francisco, in fact. It's a 3-bedroom and 3.5 bath joint with one enclosed parking space. It was built in 1883, but if you've taken a recent look at photos of the home, you'll notice it doesn't look exactly like we remember from the opening sequences of both Full House and Fuller House. In fact, the home has gotten a pretty slick and bold new paint job in the days since the original footage was shot. It also has a much different interior and a back garden that are really just opulent. You can view photos of the famous property here.

In addition, if you rent out the property, you'll be getting a home with plenty of history, from its 19th century beginnings to its pop culture status later on. The bad news, you'll also probably have to deal with rubberneckers visiting San Fancisco. A recent report indicated that because the property attracts so much attention, it can be a pain in the butt for the neighbors on Broderick Street, as well. According to one resident, people also love to drive up and down the street blasting the theme song to Full House, which probably isn't as catchy after the 100th time it has happened. "Everywhere You Look" there are tourists, indeed.

Presumably, I'm guessing that the renters are hoping the homes' pop culture status will appeal to some fans of the show who won't mind the increased hype thanks to Netflix's Fuller House spinoff. Still, I think we can all agree that $13,950 is an incredibly high amount of money for most people. Even those who could afford that wild price point may not want the publicity that the building gets on a regular basis. We'll have to wait and see whether anyone eventually bites.

In the meantime, Season 2 of Fuller House is already getting off of the ground. Filming just wrapped up, and we are expecting new episodes to hit the schedule in early 2017. To find out what else we know about Fuller House Season 2 head here. In addition, check out our Netflix TV premiere schedule for all upcoming listings.

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